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Walmart Beauty Box vs. Target Beauty Capsule: The Ultimate Big Box Battle

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Let’s be real here for a second…there are SO MANY beauty products on the market that it can be incredibly overwhelming to find ones that you like. You could take the time to Google, and then buy an item, but what if you hate it? Many retailers accept returns, thank goodness, but it still feels like a complete waste of time. Man, if only there was a way to get beauty products sent directly to you for you to try at a fraction of the cost… Oh, wait! There is!

Today we will be talking about and comparing two beauty box samples that you can receive, and surprise! They are both from major retail stores that you likely have near you: Target and Walmart. The main difference between the Walmart Beauty Box, and the Target Beauty Capsule is that one is a seasonal subscription, and the other you can buy whenever you’d like. There are also differences such as Target’s themed Beauty Capsules, and Walmart Beauty Box has a beauty profile for you which it draws its sample options from.

If you want to test out beauty products in the ease of your own home, these are both very affordable options. But which is right for you? Let’s check out the details below and see!

How Do They Work

Both of these Beauty Boxes are easy to order, and come quickly.

Walmart Beauty Box

The Walmart Beauty Box is a seasonal subscription box that includes 6 beauty products/samples from top brands sold in store. In your box you’ll receive a variety of items ranging from hair products to skincare to supplements and even fragrances.

To get started with the Walmart Beauty Box, you’ll simply purchase the subscription on their website. Each seasonal box is $6.98 (plus tax), and you’ll be started on the current seasonal box that is in circulation. Once you purchase your Beauty Box, you’ll have a brief quiz to take to fill out your beauty profile – This helps Walmart know which products to send your way each season. Then, you wait! It took me about a week and a half to receive my Beauty Box, but it should arrive within two weeks for sure.

Once you receive your box, you can open it and try all the samples and products that you received! This is the fun part. And hopefully you’ll find some products that you love and would like to purchase more of. For me, it was the Liquid I.V. electrolyte powder. I received a packet in my Fall 2022 box and loved it! Already stocked up on more…

Target Beauty Capsule

The Target Beauty Capsule is a themed box full of products and samples that you can purchase on Target’s website. This box will be full of beauty goodies that go with the curated theme of the box you chose. It is not a subscription box, and you can purchase a Beauty Capsule anytime you’d like.

To order a Beauty Capsule from Target, you’ll head to their website and search “Target Beauty Capsule.” Then you’ll be met with various options to choose from, currently there are only two listed: “Black-Owned or Founded” and “Bedtime Ritual” (which is already sold out).

Once you decide on the Beauty Capsule you’d like to receive, you’ll simply check out! The Beauty Capsule is $14.99 (plus tax and shipping), and you’ll receive a box full of BOTH full-sized and sample items. I was really impressed with how many full-sized items I actually received in mine. You’re Capsule should come within a week, mine came in days! Because this is not a subscription box, this would make for a wonderful gift, or even a self-care day for you. When your Beauty Capsule shows up, dive in and use all the products to see which ones you love and which you would pass on in a future purchase!


These are both great Beauty Boxes overall.

Walmart Beauty Box


  • Variety of samples and full-sized products.
  • From top rated brands that are sold at Walmart.
  • Great price!
  • Free shipping.


  • Some of the items don’t have anything to do with “beauty.”
  • Their website and setting up your account for this subscription is confusing.

Target Beauty Capsule


  • Great variety of themed products.
  • Many full-sized items included.
  • Great price point for what you receive.
  • Don’t need a subscription making it a great gift option!


  • Lack of Beauty Capsules to choose from. Not sure how often or when they come out with new themed Capsules.

How Much Do They Cost

Both of these beauty boxes are cost effective especially when compared to the amount of full-sized and travel sized products that you receive. Well worth it in my opinion!

Walmart Beauty Box

The Walmart Beauty Box is steep…. Just kidding! For only $6.98 per box you’ll get a bunch of goodies which seems like a steal to me! Tax is not included in this total, but shipping is free. You’ll only receive 4 boxes a year though, one per season.

Target Beauty Capsule

To get a Target Beauty Capsule you’ll pay $14.99 plus tax and shipping costs. Total I paid was $22.53, but I thought that was a great price point with the amount of products I received in my box, and how many of them that came were full-sized. This is a great inexpensive gift to send to a friend. This is not a subscription product, so you can get as many boxes as you want as often as you’d like.

What Do You Get?

You’ll get a variety of full-size and sample sized beauty products that are highly rated from both of these large retail stores.

Walmart Beauty Box

In your seasonal Beauty Box, you’ll receive a variety of 6 full-sized and sample sized beauty related products. Depending on your specific beauty profile, you’ll see a variety of different beauty products for you to try out. In my box, I received electrolyte powder, Hempz brand lotion, a scrunchie, a car freshener, mascara sample, shampoo and condition sample and a Covergirl facial lotion sample.

Most of my products were beauty based, except for the car freshener and the electrolyte powder. But honestly? I loved receiving those, and have purchased more electrolyte powder because I liked it so much.

Target Beauty Capsule

Depending on the themed Beauty Capsule you order, you’ll receive 7-9 full-sized and sample sized items relating to your theme. I had ordered the “Best Night In” Beauty Capsule, and received a variety of items including: lotions, face masks, hair masks, acne patches, a shower sponge and charcoal toothpaste. It was honestly the best and I was so surprised how many of the items that came were actually full-sized.

Final Thoughts

Oh man, this is a hard comparison.

They were both so good! But I guess first off, I do like that Target is not a subscription box, and that you can order one for yourself or as a gift as often as you’d like to. I also like that there were themed Capsules, making it more fun to receive, and how many of the products that were sent were full-sized. I also loved how fast it came, literally days, and how many brands I was familiar with and would definitely repurchase some of the items I received. My only complaint is their lack of variety in boxes currently. They only have 1 available, the others have sold out, and I’m not totally sure when they come out with new themed boxes.

I really liked the Walmart Beauty Box as well! It had great items, no rhyme or reason to them, but I felt that the price point was definitely worth it.

Overall, we’d recommend a Target Beauty Capsule, but you can’t go wrong with either.

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