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An Honest Wantable Active Edit Review

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Shopping for activewear can get overwhelming if you don’t have something specific in mind. The Wantable Active Edit simplifies things by sending you a collection of lounge clothes, workout outfits, and accessories.

You can try things on at home before buying them and save yourself the trouble of hunting for cute clothes that fit well. Trying on tight leggings and workout tops isn’t always fun under harsh lighting in the fitting room. With Wantable, you can try things on at your own pace.

This month, Wantable set me a matching pullover and joggers, capri leggings, an activewear hoodie, two lightweight tank tops, and a waist pack. My favorite item is the Jessica Simpson hoodie! I think the Wantable Active Edit is worth a try for cute, comfortable activewear.

What We Like About Wantable Active Edit

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Each Wantable box comes with a bag and free shipping label so you can return any unwanted clothes. They also sent me a paper with an overview of how the service works and a list of the clothes in the box and their prices.

Wantable did a great job sending mostly items that I’m interested in. Four out of the seven items I received were ones I specifically requested, and most of the others suited my style.

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I thought the box was well-curated, and the pieces they sent me looked good together. If I bought everything in the box, I’d be able to assemble a good 4-5 outfits.

Wantable offers a 20% discount if you buy 5 or more items from one box. Since you pay $20 as a styling credit, you can apply that money toward any purchase you make.

Wantable gives you 5 days to try on clothes and decide what to send back. I was pretty busy when I got the box in the mail, so I logged on to request an extra 5 days. The website makes it super easy to request more time if you need to!

What We Don’t Like About Wantable Active Edit

The biggest drawback to the Wantable Active Edit is that they don’t offer significant discounts. The clothes aren’t outrageously expensive, but they are higher than I would usually pay, because I’m mostly a budget shopper. If you don’t have much time to shop, though, the service they offer is worth the money.

Runyon Waist Pack by Year of Ours

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This nylon waist pack is functional and easy to wear. The strap is glossy and smooth, which makes it look nicer than a standard fanny pack or sling bag. I like the shape and size. Since it’s not a rental, I didn’t really try it out, but I think it would stand up to a run. The price is $68, which seems high for such a plain, small bag.

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Featherweight Intersect Cropped Tank by Beyond Yoga

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This tank top has a cropped cut and a twist at the front. The twist adds some visual interest and makes the shirt more interesting than just another black workout top. The cropped length is perfect for me: not too short, not too long. It’s made of a lightweight tech fabric that provides UV protection. Another thing I like about this shirt is that it could fit into a casual outfit even when I’m not working out.

Tyra Tank in Pale Aqua by Balance Collection

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This is a pretty standard lightweight workout tank. At the back, there’s a mesh-like panel to keep you cool during more intense workouts and hotter weather.

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The mint color is not really my thing. The website calls it pale aqua, but it looks more greenish to me. Either way, I would like this more in another color, but that’s just me. It’s also a little tight across the back, as you can see. Maybe I would size up if I planned on buying this.

Tie Dye Midway Jogger in Midnight/Pearl Blush by Herizon

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I love the color of this loungewear set! It has two front pockets, a drawstring waist, and a cuff at the bottom. It’s a gorgeous Caribbean blue. My kitchen lighting isn’t really doing it justice, sadly. Here’s the product photo:

word image 1003162 9 2

They’re made of a very soft modal fabric that feels nice, but I’m worried about how well it would age. I can imagine these getting pilled and looking old after only a few months of wear..

At $78 they feel a bit overpriced. I would only pay that much for joggers if they were 100% cotton and/or fair trade. I love the color and style, but I passed on them for that reason.

Tie Dye Unwind Pullover by Herizon

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This outfit feels perfect for lounging around at home. It’s put-together enough that you could probably wear it to pick up groceries or stay comfortable on a flight.

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Like I mentioned above, I love the color of this set. This pullover has a split hem that makes it looser-fitting and more feminine. The long sleeves have thumbholes, which is cute and cozy.

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The only downside is the sleeves are a bit tight on me, and you can tell by the wrinkles under the arm. I wore a size Medium, which is my usual size.

Cassie Hoodie by Jessica Simpson

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This hoodie goes well with the leggings, so kudos to Wantable for sending me outfits, not just random pieces! I didn’t know Jessica Simpson makes activewear, but I honestly really like the look and feel of this hoodie. It provides coverage but isn’t too heavy or fuzzy. I like the shape of the hood and it has a flattering fit.

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SD Walk and Talk High Waisted Capri by Beyond Yoga

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These “capris” are super-soft, stretchy, and supportive with a high waist. They’re really comfortable and feel good against your skin. The gray space dye goes with everything. I wish they had at least one pocket, but I guess the lack of pockets keeps them sleek.

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These are $88 on Wantable, but via Beyond Yoga, they’re $95. That’s a nice little discount!

I want to add here that I’m just shy of 5’5”, so I’m not super short, but compare this to the model photo:

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Final Thoughts

I’ve tried a few other activewear boxes before, but the Wantable Active Edit is my favorite so far. They sent me a bunch of items I requested, and they happened to be the ones I wanted to try the most. I also liked the items Wantable chose for me, which surprised me. I hadn’t tried Beyond Yoga leggings before, but now I’ll be keeping an eye out for their sales.

If you need new activewear or loungewear, the Wantable Active Edit is worth the styling fee to try out different brands and styles.

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