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What is Curateur?

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What better way to learn about new brands than to try a seasonal subscription box curated by a fashion professional? The Rachel Zoe Box of Style has always stood out for its dedication to quality and luxury products, and it continues to do so under its new name as Curateur. The selection fits right into modern life by including well-made products you can use every day, like moisturizers and bags. This subscription box is curated with a strong sense of what women use from day to day, and it’s a great way to treat yourself on a regular basis.

Try Curateur for a dose of luxury delivered right to your door. Get products from the latest brands in your box, and try exciting new options for everything from skincare to earrings. Curateur is an updated version of the same luxury lifestyle box with an expanded focus. The new brand is designed to help you bring high-end style to every part of your life.

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Overview

The Box of Style is curated by Rachel Zoe, who has been creating lists of must-have style products since 2009. Since then, she has starred in a reality TV show and started her own fashion line. Her selections highlight some of the best brands in skincare, accessories, and more. Since 2015, the Box of Style has aimed to keep your skin glowing and your outfits on trend, with substantial discounts on high-end items.

This subscription box lets you get a collection of quality products vetted by an industry professional. All the items feel like something you can really use, and not just filler products. Each Box of Style tends to include a bag of some kind, and it’s usually combined with moisturizers, highlighters, earrings, sunglasses, and more. If you can’t get enough bags and other accessories, this is definitely a box to check out.

As of August 2020, Rachel Zoe has rebranded the subscription service as Curateur. The new brand promises to have the same careful curation style with a few changes. Zoe has plans to include more membership benefits and discounts, as well as adding more product categories to future boxes. The pricing of $99.99 per box and the high-quality selection will remain the same, as indicated by the fall box.

This box is best for someone who admires Rachel Zoe’s personal style and respects her judgment, since it doesn’t allow for many choices. If you want a more personalized experience, look to a different style box. This box isn’t especially practical, and that’s part of the point: it’s full of luxury and glamour that can fit into the average person’s life. The selection usually includes things that can be incorporated into your daily routine, but that’s not the main purpose. Curateur, like the Box of Style, only puts out four boxes per year, which is less frequent than other boxes.


  • Great value
  • Carefully curated by season
  • Luxury items


  • Fewer item choices than other boxes
  • Few practical items
  • Only one box per season

How does Rachel Zoe Box of Style work?

The Curateur box is different from some subscription boxes because it’s curated by Rachel Zoe, and not catered to your specific tastes. Instead, it’s designed to show off new luxury brands to subscribers. The box includes jewelry, makeup, bags and skincare from up and coming companies. The company releases new boxes on a seasonal basis, and the items included tend to suit the seasons. Summer boxes are beach-friendly, and the current fall box has lots of gorgeous autumnal tones.

Aside from the boxes, members get access to the Curateur Shoppe, an online marketplace of luxury items approved by Rachel Zoe. Shoppers can find discounts of up to 60% off on face treatment masks, scented candles, jewelry, and more. You don’t need to have a current subscription to get access to these discounts, just an account on the website.

For the first several years, the box didn’t include choices between different items. That’s one of the exciting differences that Curateur will be adding to their service. The options all capture the signature Rachel Zoe style, of course.

How is Curateur different from the Rachel Zoe Box of Style?

From August onward, the Box of Style is going to be known as Curateur. One of the most notable differences in this new version of the service is that each season, you get to choose one of the items in your box. For the Fall 2020 edition of Curateur, you can choose between a pair of retro gold-rimmed sunglasses or chunky gold toned chain earrings. This gives you a little more freedom to get a box that caters to your needs.

According to a blog post from Rachel Zoe, Curateur is going to expand the categories offered in boxes to include home goods and cocktail accessories. This is part of a shift toward lifestyle items in addition to the fashion and beauty items they’re known for.

The company is also rolling out sustainable changes to their service. They’ve started cutting down on packaging by collecting all the items into one box instead of shipping them in two separate boxes. They also plan to print their membership magazines on sustainable paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

How much does Rachel Zoe Box of Style cost?

Each box costs $99.99, but the service often has discounts for first time subscribers. If you sign up for an annual subscription, at $349.99, you can save $50 on the total cost– the four boxes would normally add up to $400.

The $100 price tag is a great deal, considering that each one often contains more than $300 worth of accessories and lifestyle items. If you want a selection of new and exciting luxury items at a discount, this box is a great option.

How do you sign up for Rachel Zoe Box of Style?

Signing up for this box is pretty straightforward. After creating an account with your email address, you can choose between a few items to customize your box. This subscription service doesn’t include a style survey, since the choices aren’t the main draw here. After you sign up for a membership, you can expect to receive your box in about a week.

Final Thoughts

Curateur is a stylish, on-trend subscription box. It doesn’t offer a ton of customization, but part of the allure of this box is the selections by style expert Rachel Zoe. The boxes are organized by season, making sure that you have relevant accessories and beauty products so you can take on the coming months. This box is pricier than other boxes, but it’s so packed with luxury items that it’s still a good value.

Browse through previous selections on the company’s blog, and it’ll soon become clear whether or not the style here is a good match for your own. If Curateur fits your style and you’re seeking out little ways to bring glamour to your life, you’ll be very happy with this box.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I return an item to Rachel Zoe Box of Style?

Curateur doesn’t allow returns or exchanges on whole boxes, since they’re sold as units. It’s a different model from subscription boxes that allows you to try on and return items.

Since skincare and makeup are often included, you can’t try things out and then return them. If you have an issue with an item, you can contact their Member Experience team. They may authorize a return, especially if the item was damaged on arrival.

How do you cancel Rachel Zoe Box of Style?

If you want to try the box out, you can order a single season without signing up for a membership. That means you don’t have to worry about remembering to cancel your membership if you’re not sure about the commitment.

Otherwise, you can go to your account page and manage your subscription. The Curateur subscription is fairly easy to cancel. The user-friendly web page shows they have customer satisfaction in mind, which is great to see from any company. Some subscription boxes make their cancellation options hard to find, and it’s always frustrating having to search for them.

Can I see what’s in my Rachel Zoe Box of Style before it arrives?

Yes! The Curateur blog shows each season’s curation, so you can get excited about the box before you order. It’s easy to find the exact items you’ll receive in your box showcased on the Curateur website, including the choice items. You can see plenty of detailed, well-lighted shots of the items in use, and that can help you decide whether or not this box is for you.

Who are Rachel Zoe Box of Style’s competitors?

Curateur caters to people looking for luxury and great style with a little drama. These boxes have similar items that are a little more luxurious than items you’d find in other boxes.

Causebox is a luxury lifestyle box with home goods, accessories and more. The items are similar to Curateur’s selections, and the companies featured are all ethical or sustainable.

Ipsy Glam Bag includes 8 full-size products, samples, and a makeup bag each month. At $50 per month, it’s perfect for skincare and makeup fanatics to keep up with the latest releases and find new products they love.

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