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What Is Daily Look?

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Daily Look is one of the subscription boxes stepping in to make online shopping more convenient than ever. After you go through the site’s styling process, you get a cute package of clothes delivered right to your doorstep. Each box is filled with clothing options catered to your sense of style and in your size. Daily Look improves upon the usual online shopping experience by including free shipping and a smooth return process.

Daily Look chooses clothes from quality brands for their boxes, so expect to pay a little more for this box than others. They focus on wearable items, with a blend of basics and trendier items. They carry clothes from a great selection of brands, so expect quality pieces in each box. The styling isn’t very adventurous, but the service can help fill in gaps in your wardrobe with new items that fit your lifestyle.

What is Daily Look?

Daily Look is a great tool for keeping up with fashion. The brand uses real stylists to put together options that reflect your style and needs, and each box includes between 7 and 12 pieces for you to try on. You can sign up for shipments as often as you want, from every few weeks to every three months.

Daily Look gives you a decent amount of control over what you receive in your box. Before they send anything, Daily Look gives you a preview of what you’re going to receive and asks for your approval. You can remove up to 3 items, and your stylist will replace them with something else. This feature is helpful and keeps you from wasting your time on clothes you already know you don’t like.

The service offers brands like Liverpool and Current/Elliot, which can be pricey but are respected and considered high quality. They also tend to have designs that reflect current fashion, but don’t plunge head-on into trends, which perfectly reflects the Daily Look style.

The service definitely shys away from uber-trendy items that are typically found in fast fashion stores, because they focus on items you’ll expect to wear for years. Unusual colors and cuts won’t last as long in your closet as more subtle clothes. Instead, the company offers variations on pieces like striped shirts, green anorak jackets, and button up shirts that form the basics of stylish yet simple outfits.


  • Quality clothes
  • Prioritizes useful closet staples
  • Box preview


  • Styling doesn’t feel custom
  • Higher cost
  • Limited size range (0-12)

How does Daily Look work?

Daily Look is a styling service that carries clothing from a variety of brands. Each box is designed to take your tastes and lifestyle into account. If you work in an office and need formal clothing, for example, you can say so on your survey. You can select activewear as a category for your stylist to include, or leave it off entirely.

Each box feels like a gift, because the clothes come packed in a bright blue box complete with a Daily Look ribbon on top. There’s also a note from your stylist explaining how each item can fit into your wardrobe, and how you can combine the items together.

The company uses information from your style survey to get an idea of what you’ll like out of their selection. They send you anywhere from 7-12 pieces that reflect what you chose in the style survey. Once your box arrives, you have 5 business days to try things on, combine them in different outfits, and make your choices. After you decide what you want, you can return the rest in the free shipping envelope that comes with each box.

How much does Daily Look cost?

The styling fee of $40 is the base cost for Daily Look, and the company charges this to your account right when you sign up. Their clothes start at $60, and the price range depends on the budget you select in your style profile. In the box that I got, most of the items were around $80.

How do you sign up for Daily Look?

To sign up for Daily Look, you need to fill out a style survey on your size and style. The company uses that information to choose items for your box. The company charges the styling fee of $40 right as you sign up, but that fee is credited to your account and goes toward anything you buy from the box.

What brands does Daily Look send?

Daily Look focuses on sending out quality clothing that will last in your closet for quite a while. They send out higher end brands, from Joie to Modern Vice and Cheap Monday. They cost a little more than department store clothes, but they also have clever design details and quality fabrics. These brands are current without being trendy, and that fits right into Daily Look’s general theme. You can see a complete list of the brands they feature here.

Is Daily Look right for me?

Daily Look excels in showing subscribers new clothes and styles from popular brands. With a high styling fee and clothing prices starting at $60, this is a service for people with a larger clothing budget and specific wardrobe goals in mind. It makes shopping more convenient, too. They only offer sizes from 0 to 12, which is a smaller range than most other subscription boxes.

The styling services aren’t its strong point, so don’t try Daily Look if you want thoughtful guidance or style advice. The company tends to focus on closet staples, which means you probably won’t get anything too daring in your box. If you’re looking for quality, timeless pieces to invest in, though, the Daily Look approach to style will appeal to you.

Final Thoughts

Daily Look has lots of desirable brands and offers modern, understated style options. This subscription box can keep you up to date on wearable versions of recent trends, but the styling isn’t very personalized. Their clothing selection features plenty of name brands, and seems to focus on basics over statement pieces. Some people will be pleased by the practical, neutral selection, but those looking for more exciting pieces will be disappointed.

Their styling is centered around themes like Laid Back Chic, Work from Home, Date Night, and so on. It seems that there isn’t a lot of room left over for individual style aside from the collections they put together for different occasions.

If you’re looking for guidance on how to take your personal style to the next level, this isn’t the best subscription box for you. If you’d like to try on quality clothing and introduce current styles to your wardrobe, though, you’ll be pleased at the brands they keep in stock. Daily Look provides a convenient way to shop and keep your wardrobe fresh without having to leave home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I return an item to Daily Look?

Each Daily Look box comes with a prepaid mailing bag, which means you can return your items for free. After your 5 day try on period, you’ll need to check out online and then mail in your returns. All you need to do is drop off the sealed bag at a USPS location, or schedule a convenient pickup from your home. Make sure you return everything except the pieces you want to keep. If you hold onto something, your card will be charged for it.

How do you cancel Daily Look?

The cancellation option is easy to find on the Daily Look website. On the My Account tab, you can manage your subscription by cancelling it or reactivating it. The website feels slightly clunky at times, but the subscription section makes it easy to cancel or delay a box.

Can I see what’s in my Daily Look order before it arrives?

Daily Look sends you a preview of your curated box before they ship it, and they ask you to approve the contents first. If there’s anything you don’t like, you can remove up to 3 items from the selection. Your stylist will replace them with different items, and you won’t get to review those. This option gives you more control over your final results, which is helpful when you’re trying to show your stylist what you do and don’t like to wear.

How does Daily Look give back?

Daily Look is all about styling women to look and feel their best, and the company extends this goal to their charity work, too. They accept gently used clothes for donation from customers, and you can send them in the same shipping bag as your returns. They donate clothes to charities for women in need twice a month. Their partners include Single Mothers Outreach, Casa Teresa and Meet Each Need with Dignity.

Who are Daily Look’s competitors?

Trunk Club is another clothing subscription service that focuses on name brands. Trunk Club has a lower styling fee, and has a wider range of styles. Frank and Oak is a similar service in terms of cost and quality, but it has a focus on sustainability, unlike Daily Look. The company designs its own clothing, and most of it is minimalist with simple lines.

Where is Daily Look made?

Daily Look itself is based in Los Angeles. Daily Look features clothing from lots of different brands with different production methods. Some of them, like Kut from the Kloth, have items that are made domestically, but most are made in factories abroad.

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