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What Is Dia & Co?

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Dia & Co is a clothing subscription service that carries sizes 14 to 32, with plenty of stylish choices. The brand aims to make shopping easier for plus size women, complete with easy returns. The service gives you five business days to try clothes on and decide what you want to keep. One major advantage is the ability to try clothes on at home, in a setting that’s more flattering than the typical gloomy dressing room ambiance. Dia & Co also has a good variety of stylish clothes in a range of sizes, unlike most clothing stores and services.

Dia & Co is dedicated to helping plus size women find clothes that look good. They have even created their own clothing lines to fill in gaps in the market and deliver trendy, quality clothing for women of all sizes. Their inventory covers a wide range of styles, and they give you control over what ends up in your box. This is perfect for busy women and anyone tired of being limited in stores by the sizes available.

Dia & Co Overview

This is one of the few subscription services created with plus size women in mind. Dia & Co includes a wide range of styles, something that plus size shoppers can’t always count on. When you order one of their boxes, you can be sure all the options are the right size and mesh with your lifestyle. The styling process removes a lot of the guesswork that comes along with most shopping trips.

Their selection covers ground from classic casual styles to standout pieces. The style survey asks questions about your body shape and what features you like to highlight or downplay. This information increases your stylist’s ability to find clothes that you’ll feel comfortable wearing. The survey is a fun exercise that makes you start thinking about your current style and your style goals. It gives stylists a lot to work with, so the collections in each box tend to feel catered to your individual style.

Dia & Co uses real stylists when curating boxes for customers, and there’s a clear human touch to their service. If you feel happy with your everyday wardrobe, but need an outfit for a special event, the stylists can help with that. Dia & Co has dresses, skirts, and glamorous accessories ready to help you stand out.

They offer an activewear-specific box, too. That option sends workout clothing like leggings, compression tops, sports bras and more, all specifically geared toward plus size women. According to their website, they have the largest selection of plus size activewear available anywhere.


  • Inclusive size range
  • Lots of styles
  • Great styling


  • Boxes limited to 5 items
  • Fit may take some trial and error
  • Sample numbered list.

How does Dia & Co work?

Dia & Co uses information from a style survey to style a box of clothing for you with up to 5 items. The quiz asks for your size, body shape, and bra size, because they know fit is important for plus sizes. There’s also a section that focuses on your personal style, to get a sense of how adventurous you’d like to be, what colors you like to wear, and what you want to say with your daily outfits.

After you figure out what you want to keep, you can check out online and then send your returns in the mail. You’ll only be charged for what you keep. You can subscribe to regular boxes, or just get a one-time order. The company also has an online store, where you can shop normally instead of being styled by someone else.

How much does Dia & Co cost?

Dia & Co first charges a styling fee of $20. Even if you don’t end up keeping any of your clothes, this charge applies. The $20 can be applied toward anything you buy from your box, though.

The clothing cost here is mid-range, from around $35 for t-shirts to around $90 for jeans and outerwear. You can select a budget during your style quiz, to show how much you prefer to spend on different items, like jeans or tops.

How do you sign up for Dia & Co?

When you first make an account, the website prompts you to fill out a quiz so they can send you the best clothing options possible. It’s kind of like a fashion personality test. In the quiz, you can let your stylist know if you have an adventurous sense of style, what parts of your body you like to keep covered, your favorite colors to wear, and so on.

The more accurate your answers are, the better your results will be. You can also add comments to your style profile, if you have ideas or concerns that aren’t covered by the questions in the survey. Here, you can mention if you’re looking for denim, want to find the perfect white shirt, or have some other goal in mind.

What brands does Dia & Co send?

Dia & Co has a finger on the pulse of plus size fashion, so they send popular brands like Rachel Roy and Kut from the Kloth. They also have several lines of their own, including Downing Studio, Ryan Wylde, Meri Skye, and Molly&Isadora. These in-house fashion lines are specifically designed for plus size women, rather than being sized-up versions of other designs.

Is Dia & Co right for me?

Dia & Co has diverse style options, a wide range of sizes, and personalized styling services. This subscription service is ideal for women without a lot of time for shopping, who have trouble finding their size in stores, or who want an expert’s opinion on current styles. It lets you try on clothes with no commitment, and in the comfort of your own home. You can try things on with clothes from your wardrobe, to see how well they work with what you already own. The company is definitely worth trying if you want to expand your wardrobe at your own convenience.

Final Thoughts

Dia & Co is a subscription company dedicated to plus size women, and it has the widest range of sizes that I’ve seen from any similar company. One of the most common complaints I hear from plus size women is that clothing marketed to them all looks the same, and it’s shapeless and unflattering. Dia & Co avoids being pigeonholed into one type of look. The company even has its own clothing lines, so they can bring their own vision to plus size fashion.

The company is more sensitive to plus size women’s needs, since it’s dedicated to them specifically. It can offer options and styles that aren’t easy to find in stores or from other services. They also keep the diversity of plus size women in mind. During the style quiz, you can share extra information about your body type, so your stylist can choose items that flatter your shape.

Dia & Co has great clothes and dedicated stylists available to give you a positive shopping experience. You can sign up to get styled for a specific event or to fill out your daily wardrobe. Whatever your fashion needs, this subscription service can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I return an item to Dia & Co?

First, you have 5 days to try on your clothes and make decisions. Before you physically return anything, make sure to check out online and pay for the clothes you plan to keep. Each box from Dia & Co includes a bag with the shipping label already attached, making returns as easy as possible.

All you need to do is put your clothes inside the bag and either drop it off at a UPS store or schedule a pickup from your home. Home pickup makes things even more convenient, but you do need to schedule it a day in advance.

How do you cancel Dia & Co?

Dia & Co makes it easy to pause or cancel your subscription. Pausing lets you skip several months in a row, while canceling puts a complete stop to your subscription. The downside with pausing is that it’s easy to forget about your subscription– but if you really do only want to skip a few months, it can be helpful. The pausing and cancellation options are right next to each other on the Manage Box Plan page.

Can I see what’s in my Dia & Co order before it arrives?

Dia & Co gives you a lot of control over what comes in your box, to avoid wasting your time and theirs. You can choose up to 3 items in your box before your stylist even begins. After your box ships, you can see a preview of the items that are on their way.

Who are Dia & Co’s competitors?

Gwynnie Bee is a similar subscription box that offers clothing rentals instead of purchases. It started out as a plus size company, but now they offer smaller sizes, with a range of size 0 through 32. Stitch Fix is a subscriptions service that offers some plus sizes, but it has a much smaller range, since their sizes end at 24 and 3X.

Where is Dia & Co made?

Dia & Co includes a wide range of brands, and they’re all made in different locations. From what I can gather, most of the clothes are made in countries known for clothing factories, like China and Bangladesh.

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