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What Is Frank And Oak?

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Sustainability is a pressing issue when it comes to the clothing industry. Even the plainest t-shirts and jeans use up gallons of water in their production. Companies like Frank and Oak are stepping in to show how environmentally sustainable fashion can be done well. Their design philosophy prioritizes clean lines and wearability for both men and women. These clothes are designed to last, and their timeless styles will stay relevant longer than trendier pieces.

Frank and Oak’s Style Plan is a higher end subscription box that includes closet staples and accessories. They have a selection of quality clothing from denim to blazers, all created for the Frank and Oak brand. From their packaging to their production, they prioritize sustainable practices and materials.

Frank And Oak Overview

Frank and Oak is a sustainable clothing company based in Canada. Their Style Plan is a monthly subscription service that features their own products. Before you subscribe, you need to fill out a style survey that asks for your size, along with your preferences for fit, color and style. The company uses your preferences to put together a box of clothes that reflects what you like to wear.

Since the company only carries clothes from its own brand, they have a lot of control over the level of sustainability offered in their subscription boxes. They use recycled fibers like polyester and wool, and they also make clothes using sustainable methods. Many of their items are made in factories that specialize in eco-friendly production.

Some people like subscription services because they take the pressure off when it comes to choosing clothes, or because they want items catered very specifically to their own style. This service doesn’t do either of those things particularly well. The $25 styling fee feels a little steep considering the fairly impersonal nature of the styling.

The company’s clothes and mission are great, but their approach to the subscription model is a little clunky. Most subscription boxes make things as convenient as possible for customers, to simplify shopping. By contrast, Frank and Oak takes a long time to issue refunds, asks you to print your own return label, and makes it hard to fully cancel your subscription.


  • Sustainable packaging
  • Sustainable clothing
  • Clever designs


  • Limited styles available
  • Charges customers upfront for all items
  • Styling doesn’t feel personalized

How does Frank And Oak work?

The subscription service starts out with a style survey that helps the company find apparel from its line that will suit your fashion sense. Here’s an example of the questions they ask in the survey.

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After they style your box, you can switch out their selections for other clothes before you approve it. They only ship your box after you’ve approved the contents.

When you order a Style Plan box, your card will be charged for the entire box. You can get a refund for whatever you don’t want to keep after you return it. This is the reverse of how most subscription boxes work, and some shoppers might be confused by it.

How much does Frank And Oak cost?

Frank and Oak’s clothing is definitely on the higher end in terms of cost and quality. Clothing ranges from around $12 for a pair of socks to $200 for a pair of boots. Most items are between $50 and $150, though. The styling fee is $25, which is fairly standard as far as styling fees go. Shipping is free to your home and they also pay for your return shipping. A box with four or five items might add up to around $300-$400.

How do you sign up for Frank And Oak?

To sign up for Frank and Oak, you need to complete a style survey. The survey asks about your sizes, how you like your clothes to fit, and what colors you like to wear. After you finish the survey, they’ll put together a selection for you to view and approve before shipping.

Each box contains up to five items, and you can switch out the company’s selections for other options if you want. After you approve the box, the company will charge your card for all the items included.

What brands does Frank And Oak send?

Frank and Oak only sends its own brand of clothing, which means there’s not as much variety in terms of style and construction. Their brand is specifically designed with sustainability and simplicity in mind. When they design their clothes, they focus on comfort, ease of use, and environmental impact.

Expect items with a minimalist look, like button-down shirts in timeless colors or blazers in classic plaids. The clothes are well-made, with the goal of staying in your wardrobe for years instead of clogging up landfills.

What sustainable practices does Frank and Oak use?

Frank and Oak incorporates environmentally friendly practices into all aspects of their company. The tags on clothing are made from recycled paper and printed with soy ink. Many of the fibers in their clothes are recycled, including wool, polyester and nylon. They also use eco-dyes, which are naturally derived and less harmful to the environment.

Their packaging is minimal, and doesn’t include any excess paper or cute pamphlets. This means that Style Plan boxes or bags aren’t especially photogenic, but they contain much less waste than other subscription boxes.

Some of their designs and production methods are specifically designed to keep clothes lasting longer. This is a preventative measure that keeps their clothes out of landfills. They also make their clothes easier to recycle with design quirks, like not using rivets in their denim.

Denim uses up a lot of water during production, so Frank and Oak makes more sustainable alternatives. They don’t use rivets in their jeans, since that makes them harder to recycle. Their Hydro-less denim uses up to 95% less water than standard denim manufacturing, and it’s all made in an eco-certified factory in Dubai.

Final Thoughts

Frank and Oak is a unique clothing company with a subscription service that lets you try up to 5 items from their clothing and accessories line. They have a distinct vision, and they do a great job of putting that vision into practice by creating versatile, minimalist clothing. Their sustainability practices are innovative and worth looking into if you’re passionate about eco-friendly options.

The Style Plan offers the chance to try on clothing made with innovative, sustainable techniques in the comfort of your own home. It’s a great eco-friendly option, but it doesn’t seem any different from normal online shopping. The subscription aspect doesn’t offer any special benefits aside from free shipping.

As a clothing subscription box, it doesn’t stand out much. The selection for each box feels somewhat random, and they don’t specialize in styling. They also charge upfront for all items in the box, which isn’t standard for subscription boxes. If the company made things a little more convenient for subscribers, I would recommend it wholeheartedly. As it is, the Style Plan doesn’t feel like a very polished system.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I return an item to Frank And Oak?

Unlike other subscription services, this company doesn’t send out a return label with your order. Instead, you have to request a return, let them know which items you are returning, and print out your own label. They ask that you use the same poly mailer bag that you received to return products.

This means returns aren’t very convenient. They also don’t issue refunds until after they’re processed your returns, which can be annoying. Their policy page asks customers to allow 15 days after arrival for return processing, and another 3-5 days for the return to appear on your credit card statement. It may take a while to get a refund for whatever you try on through this box.

How do you cancel Frank And Oak?

It’s easy to skip boxes from Frank and Oak, but difficult to opt out completely. Under the account tab, you should see a link to a “Manage my subscription” page. On that page, you can turn off automatic shipments. This will prevent Frank and Oak from automatically sending out boxes every month and charging your credit card for them. They’ll still style boxes and email you about them, though.

To completely cancel your account, you’ll need to email the company’s member services team at [email protected]. This is a pretty inconvenient cancellation method, and I wish they’d add an easier option.

Can I see what’s in my Frank And Oak order before it arrives?

Yes! Before they ship your box, you need to confirm that you want them to send it. The company sends you a preview of your box. If you don’t like those, there’s usually a few dozen other options for you to choose from. Frank and Oak gives you a lot of control over what you receive in your box, so you can review your order before confirming it.

Who are Frank And Oak’s competitors?

Frank and Oak is somewhat unique as a subscription service centered on new, sustainable clothing. However, thredUP is a curated box of secondhand clothing with a focus on sustainability. Like other subscription services, it chooses clothes to suit your specific tastes.

Where is Frank and Oak made?

The company is based in Canada, but their clothes are produced in factories around the world. Several of their factories are certified to use eco-friendly techniques and production processes.

All of their footwear is made in a Portugal factory that specializes in sustainable techniques and materials. Their Hydro-less denim is made in a Dubai factory that recycles all of its fabric waste and water. Their website also lists factories in Bangladesh and China, but those aren’t specified as eco-friendly.

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