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Try GlossyBox for More Variety in Your Beauty Products

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How do you keep up with beauty trends? GlossyBox is a subscription service that sends 5 exciting beauty products to your doorstep each month. The service gets its name from the gorgeous themed packaging that matches the monthly box theme. GlossyBox is an effortless way to stay informed of beauty trends and try new products without having to commit to a full-size item taking up space in your storage. This service is perfect for beauty lovers who are always searching for something new, because GlossyBoxis sure to expose you to new products.

GlossyBox is a monthly beauty subscription service, and it starts at $21 a month. Each box is loosely based around a theme, and the packaging and box contents will reflect it. The boxes all contain a different variety of products, so you never know what you’ll get! GlossyBox doesn’t let you see what’s coming in each box, so you’ll either have to wait for spoilers or wait until you receive the box yourself. Between the element of surprise and the adorable packaging, this is a great way to treat yourself every month.

GlossyBox Overview

Each GlossyBox includes 5 items, and you might get skincare, makeup, hair care, or even fragrances. Most of their items are deluxe sample sizes, but you’ll also get at least one full-size product. Some of their boxes come with beauty tools, like detangling brushes, jade rollers, or headbands. GlossyBox is known for its attractive packaging, which varies by month. See some of the main pros and cons of this service below.


  • Each box worth $60+
  • Wide variety of brands
  • Subscribers get store discounts
  • Fun themes for each box

Each GlossyBox contains at least 5 items, and they’re a mix of full-size items and deluxe samples. Each box is guaranteed to be worth at least $60, which is almost 3 times the cost of the box.

GlossyBox prides itself on having beauty scouts around the world who are constantly discovering and sampling new products. They’re able to offer hundreds of brands, from popular ones like bareMinerals to lesser known options like Evologie. You can find their brand list here on their website.

GlossyBox offers unique member discounts for the add-on products and limited edition boxes they have in their store. These include boxes like their Holiday Edition, which has 8 products worth more than $200. Subscribers save $5 on that particular box,

Each box has a unique theme, and the products and packaging are loosely based around this theme. Personally, I love a good theme, so I’m excited by beautiful packaging and items with certain ingredients or certain effects. You can look at their website to see previous themes, like the Aloha box that included a Hawaiian black salt face mask and coconut oil deep conditioner.


  • Not much personalization
  • Strange cancellation policy
  • Mostly samples in each box

Each month, there are only a few possible products that could end up in your box. This beauty service asks you to complete a survey, but it seems to be mostly so they can get an idea of what customers need and want the most from the service. Each month there are around 6 to 8 possible items that could go in your box, and according to GlossyBox, they sometimes use your profile to decide what you get.

There are a lot of negative reviews of GlossyBox where people complain about being charged even after they cancel their subscription, and it may be partly because of their inconvenient cancellation policy. In order to avoid being charged for the following month, you need to cancel your subscription by the 14th of the current month. Almost all subscription boxes let you cancel before your billing date, whenever that may be, so customers probably expect to be able to do the same here.

Most items you get through GlossyBox are samples. Each month, you’ll get one or two full-size items and the rest will be samples. The price is a little high considering you’ll mostly be receiving samples, and if you’d prefer full-size products, you might want to look at other subscription options.

How does GlossyBox work?

When you first sign up for GlossyBox, they ask you to fill out a survey about your beauty preferences. This includes questions about your hair, skin, and makeup routine. This gives GlossyBox a better idea of what customers want from their boxes, and they can even personalize your box a bit when choosing between products. The items in your box also depend on your location.

Their US and Canada boxes ship from a warehouse in Kentucky, and it may take up to 5 days to process and pack your order. Once it ships, GlossyBox will send you a tracking number so you can keep track of the box as it makes its way to you.

This is a monthly box, but you can sign up for a longer subscription if you want to save a few dollars. Every month, they send out a box in themed packaging that matches the product theme. Past themes include Aloha, World of Beauty, Spa Day, and GlossyBox’s Birthday.

How much does GlossyBox cost?

GlossyBox has a variety of subscription plans, and the longer subscription you commit to, the cheaper each box will be. If you subscribe one month at a time, the cost is $21, and you can cancel whenever you want.

If you sign up for a longer subscription, you pay up front and save a few dollars on each box. A 3 month subscription costs $19.50 per box, and for 6 months it’s 18.50 per box. If you sign up for a full year, boxes are $17.50 each for a total of $210.

How do you sign up for GlossyBox?

Signing up for GlossyBox is simple. After you enter your billing and shipping information, you’ll need to fill out a short beauty survey. The survey is mostly for the company to learn about customer preferences for beauty products, but they may occasionally choose your box items according to this survey, too.

What brands does GlossyBox send?

GlossyBox started in Berlin, and it’s now an international company. The company has more than 150 beauty scouts who explore and sample brands from all over the world, to give customers the best possible experience. One of the company’s strengths is the diverse range of beauty products chosen by their scouts. They carry a mix of established brands alongside new, up and coming beauty lines. There’s a complete list of their brand partners here.

Final Thoughts

GlossyBox is a decent mid-range option for a beauty subscription box. I think the price is a little high considering it’s mostly samples, and not necessarily high-end ones. The adorable packaging means this might be a good gift option for the beauty-lovers in your life.

The best thing about GlossyBox is that you’re guaranteed to get a variety of products, and they curate some little-known options as compared to other subscriptions. I’d recommend this box as a way to expand your collection to include more products, as long as you’re okay with an abundance of samples.

If you don’t want too many samples and would prefer a beauty subscription that’s more catered to your choices, I’d recommend Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. It’s at a similar price point, but it features 5 full-size items and you can choose 3 of them yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I return an item to GlossyBox?

GlossyBox doesn’t allow subscription box returns, but if an item is missing or damaged in your box, you can contact customer service. Make sure to contact them within 30 days, and be prepared to provide a picture of the damage.

If you get a duplicate item that was included in a previous box and are unsatisfied with it, you can also reach out to their customer service, and they will “make it right,” though I’m not sure if that means a replacement item or something else.

How do you cancel GlossyBox?

The cancelling process for a GlossyBox subscription is a little odd. To cancel the following month, you need to cancel by the 14th of the current month. That means if you want to skip the December box, you need to cancel by November 14th.

Aside from that strange rule, you can cancel your subscription online fairly easily by going to the subscription section of your account.

Can I see what’s in my GlossyBox order before it arrives?

GlossyBox often includes product sneak peeks, but otherwise they like to keep their boxes a surprise. After your box ships, you can view what will be in it, though.

If you happen to see reviews of your box before you see what’s in yours, keep in mind that there are some variations between boxes. There are generally 6-8 possible items, and your box will contain 5 of them.

To get an idea of what to expect from GlossyBox, you can check out their previous boxes.

What are the alternatives to GlossyBox?

There are plenty of other beauty subscriptions at a similar price point.

Allure Beauty Box is curated by the magazine’s beauty editors to reflect trends and popular products. It costs $23 a month for 6 or more products, and at least 3 of them are full-sized.

There’s also Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, one of the most popular beauty boxes. Each month costs $25, and you get 5 full-size products with 3 items of your choice.

If you’re into environmentalism and animal rights, consider the Kinder Beauty box, which only contains vegan, cruelty-free, and clean beauty items. They’re also very aware of environmental issues, and send boxes out in sustainable packaging.

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