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What Is Haverdash? Keep Your Wardrobe Fresh with This Rental Service

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Keeping up with trends can take up a lot of time, money and energy. Rental subscription services let you introduce new items to your wardrobe constantly and experiment with unusual pieces. With Haverdash, you get unlimited rentals every month, three items at a time. Everything is ready to wear, and you can return items when you’re done without worrying about laundry. If you discover something you really love, you can buy it at a significant discount. This rental service is a great way to explore your style and get access to an endless supply of exciting new clothes.

Haverdash is more affordable than other rental services and it includes lots of bold, stylish brands. You have decent control over what you get, and you don’t need to surrender control to a stylist. The service offers unlimited rentals, and their fast shipping lets you take full advantage of it. If you want to try a clothing rental service for casual, everyday clothes, I recommend this option.

Haverdash Overview

Haverdash is an affordable rental service that gives you access to hundreds of cool, trendy pieces. You don’t have to worry about cleaning delicate fabrics. The company sends out professionally cleaned clothing and takes care of the cleaning when you return them, too.

Sometimes, you’ll face disappointment because an item’s not available in your size, or the wait list is too long. The company has lots of stock, but they only carry a certain number of items. Sometimes certain sizes sell out and it’s not possible to rent that item in your size.


  • Cool, youthful brands
  • Great discounts
  • Fast shipping

Haverdash included more current, trendy brands than I’ve seen from other fashion subscription services. Brands like ModCloth, Wildfang, Moon River and Flying Tomato all have bold, modern styles. They carry lots of statement pieces that you might not be sure about buying, but the rental format lets you try new things at no risk.

You have the option of buying the items you receive in each box. Since they’re used, Haverdash offers some steep discounts. In my boxes, I’ve received discounts up to 95% off. Discounts are probably greater on items that have been in circulation for longer, but even new items include decent discounts. I haven’t seen any item with a discount lower than 30% off.

Each box ships out really quickly, so you can get the most out of your subscription. When you’re done with your items, you can let Haverdash know you’re returning them, and they’ll get started preparing a new box for you right away. You can easily get a box every week, thanks to their speedy shipping.


  • You might not be able to find your size in the item you want
  • Can’t choose specific items
  • Selection is decent but not huge

Haverdash has limited sizing, and they don’t reliably carry XS or XL sizes. The size options vary, especially for older items. The sizing can vary depending on when items are either purchased or taken out of rotation as they start to show their age.

Haverdash requires you to add at least 8 items to your “closet,” and they’ll choose 3 items from that selection to send to you. You can ask to prioritize certain items, but there’s no guarantee you’ll receive those items. The only way to be certain you can get the clothes you want is to use their Dart system. With Dart, you pay another $5 to get specific clothes shipped to you by the next business day. That’s not a huge fee, but it could add up quickly.

Haverdash has a rotating selection of clothes. You don’t need to be a member to look through what they have. Their New Selects section shows the items they’ve added most recently. Their FAQ section says they add new items on a weekly basis, but I haven’t seen anything new in the past two weeks.

How does Haverdash work?

Haverdash is a clothing rental service that allows unlimited rentals. First, you’ll need to add 8 items to your “closet” so that the company can choose 3 items to send to you. They’ll choose the items based on availability, but you can also mark some pieces as priority items. If your priority items are trending and popular, you still might not get them.

Each box of rentals counts as one unit– before you can rent anything else, you need to either return or buy all of them. You can’t hold onto a cool jacket, for example, and then ask for two more items. I think that would be a fun feature to add, but maybe it would be too hard for Haverdash to keep track of rentals like that.

Each rental box comes with a prepaid shipping envelope, and you can drop it off at USPS or schedule a pickup from your home. I love scheduling pickups from home, because it saves me a trip to the post office.

How much does Haverdash cost?

The base cost is $59, for a month’s membership. With that fee, you’ll get unlimited rentals all month. However, you can also buy any item you end up loving. To me, that’s one of the appeals of this service. You can actually wear things out into the world, and if you find your dream piece, you can keep it.

Haverdash often offers steep discounts on their items, but the size of the discount depends on how long that item has been in their rotation, how popular it is, and other factors. I’ve seen discounts ranging from 33% off on new items with no reviews to 95% off on items with reviews dating back 9 months.

Many of their items are 80-90% off, which often ends up being less than $10. The clothes still look new, though, and they have plenty of life left in them. When items start to look worn out, the company removes them from rotation.

How do you sign up for Haverdash?

Unlike styling services, you don’t need to fill out a style profile to use Haverdash. You just need to give them your shipping details and payment information. Haverdash charges the $59 when you first sign up, and then charges the fee on the same day every month in the future.

After you sign up, you can get started browsing their stock and adding clothes to our closet. They don’t offer accessories or shoes, but they have clothes of all kinds, from jumpsuits to tank tops.

What brands does Haverdash send?

Haverdash has a great selection of brands that reflect different styles. They carry quirky, smaller brands like Modcloth and Wildfang right along with French Connection and BB Dakota. You can also find brands like Levi’s, Vince Camuto, and Blank NYC. It’s easy to shop by brand if you’re looking for a certain style.

They offer sizes from S to XL, or 0 to 14. Not every item comes in every size, though. Availability depends on how many items have been purchased, how high demand is for certain items. Some have long wait times.

In my experience, the clothes look very new. They aren’t snagged or stretched out, and they arrive neatly folded and ready to wear. Personally, I love not having to worry about cleaning or ironing the clothes.

Final Thoughts

Haverdash gives you a low-stakes way to try new styles of clothing, and it’s a great way to stay ready for special events and holidays. Just open your box and wear the clothes for as long as you want, then return

It’s a great mid-range rental service. They carry lots of trends for you to experiment with, and the clothes generally look very new. The subscription price is lower than many other, similar services. If you end up keeping anything, you can expect some deep discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cancel Haverdash?

To cancel your Haverdash account, just go to your account page. Under Membership Details there’s a clearly marked button that lets you cancel your membership. Make sure to check your membership join date, so you can cancel before you’re charged for another month.

Can I see what’s in my Haverdash order before it arrives?

Yes! About a day or so after you request a box, you’ll get an email from Haverdash letting you know your box has shipped. The email will show the items you’re receiving, with links to each piece so you can look at the reviews and the specs on each item.

Who are Haverdash’s competitors?

Haverdash’s rental model isn’t unique, but its price point is lower than most of its competitors. Many rental services focus on luxury clothing you might not wear on an everyday basis. For example, Rent the Runway lets you borrow high-end designer clothing for special occasions. The service has different membership tiers, from $89 per month to $159 a month.

Nuuly is a similar clothing rental service, offering the same kind of youthful, trendy styles. Their selection includes clothes from Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. It’s only slightly more expensive, at $88 per month. Nuuly only lets you borrow six styles per month; you don’t get to exchange the items multiple times like you can with Haverdash. If you want to buy something, it’s usually available at a discount. The discounts seem smaller than the ones you get via Haverdash, however.

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