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Build Your Beauty Collection with Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate

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Are you always searching for new products to try? Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate is for people like you who can’t get enough. This is the highest tier of the Ipsy subscription program, with the largest selection. Every month, subscribers receive a unique makeup bag containing 8 full-size products and 4 deluxe samples. It’s a great, affordable way to keep up with popular and new products, especially if you’re already familiar with a lot of beauty items.

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate offers an incredible selection of products every month, and this subscription service is a great way to build up your beauty collection quickly. Every month, you get to try 12 new beauty products for $50 including shipping. All products are catered to the preferences you put down in your beauty profile.

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate Overview

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate costs $50 a month but comes with 12 products total. 8 of those items are full-size, while the other 4 are deluxe sample sizes. You can choose one of these items before Ipsy assembles your bag. The total value of each bag comes out to $250 or more, which makes this the best deal available from Ipsy.

Ipsy assembles your bag out of 36 possible items, and your items are chosen according to how well they fit your preferences and skin type.

At the start of each month, you can ask Ipsy to include add-ons with your order for free shipping. Many of these add-ons are discounted, and they make good gifts.


  • Huge selection
  • Customized to your profile
  • Great value for the cost

Ipsy is one of the biggest beauty subscription services, and they tend to have the latest popular brands and products in their stock. There are so many possible options that could end up in your Glam Bag Ultimate, and the anticipation is pretty exciting.

The beauty profile you fill out with Ipsy is very detailed, and asks questions ranging from your favorite eyeliner color to your biggest skin concerns. When Ipsy puts together your Glam Bag Ultimate order, they choose items that fit into those preferences as closely as possible.

Getting 8 full-size products for $50 is a steal, not even taking the 4 deluxe samples into account. Every order comes out to at least $250 worth of products, and that deal is hard to beat. Each order also comes with a unique bag large enough to hold all your new products, and they tend to be pretty cute, with a loosely seasonal theme. The October bag was black faux leather with a witchy gold design, and November’s bag is an autumnal colorblock design with a faux-suede section.


  • May be too much for one person
  • Usually comes a month after you order it

If you aren’t heavily into beauty, the number of products might seem excessive to you. 12 new products every month can take up a lot of space. Ipsy has other subscription options that cost less and include fewer products, and those might appeal to you more.

This isn’t the box to order if you want to treat yourself as soon as possible. Glam Bag Ultimate is so popular that the bags usually sell out early in the month. Most of the time, new subscribers have to wait until the next month before they can get their order delivered.

How does Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate work?

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate is the top tier of the Ipsy subscription service. Each bag includes 4 deluxe samples and 8 full-size products, meaning you get to try 12 new products each month. If you happen to be subscribed to one of the other Glam Bag services too, the company will make sure you don’t get any duplicates across your bags.

How do they choose your products? Ipsy uses your beauty profile to find the best items available for your needs. Every month there are 36 items total that are options for your Glam Bag Ultimate. Ipsy chooses 12 of them. From your second month onward, you can choose one of the full-size products that’ll appear in your bag. Ipsy will email you when it’s time for you to make your selection.

Your beauty profile gets into the details of your beauty preferences, like the colors you prefer, your skin tone, hair type, whether you want to get nail polish in your bags, and so on. You can even choose the type of fragrances you like, from gourmand to woodsy to floral.

Each Glam Bag Ultimate comes in a makeup bag big enough to hold all your products. It’s a sturdy, zippered pouch. The makeup bag design is different each month, so you’ll end up with a collection of them over the course of your subscription.

After you get your bag, you can log on and review items. Those reviews will help other users and also provide helpful feedback to Ipsy.

How is Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate different from other Ipsy subscriptions?

Ipsy is a beauty company founded by popular Youtuber Michelle Phan. Their Glam Bag is the most basic version of the subscription, and includes 5 deluxe sample sizes every month for $12. Ipsy chooses your items for you according to your preferences.

The Glam Bag Plus comes with 5 full-size items each month and costs $25. Ipsy chooses 2 of them for you, and you can choose the other 3 yourself.

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate lets you choose one product a month, and you can only make the choice starting your second subscription month. However, each bag comes with 12 items total: 8 are full-size and 4 are deluxe sample sizes. That’s enough to keep anyone busy for the whole month.

All subscription tiers come in a unique makeup bag every month, and they share a themed design. The bags are all a little different, though, and of course they’re all different sizes.

How much does Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate cost?

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate costs $50 a month, and each bag is guaranteed to contain at least $250 worth of products. You’ll get your products at a very discounted price. Considering the $50 price tag, each item comes out to $4.17, which is an incredibly low price.

How do you sign up for Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate?

As part of the signup process for Glam Bag Ultimate, you’ll fill out a beauty survey. It should take you around 20 minutes to complete. After that, you need to add your billing and shipping information so they can process your order.

Each month’s Glam Bag Ultimate tends to sell out quickly. Chances are, you’ll need to wait until next month to get your order after you sign up. Your Ipsy account keeps you updated on when you can expect your order to ship, tracking information, and the upcoming schedule.

What brands does Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate send?

Ipsy is one of the top beauty subscription companies, and they stay on top of new and trendy beauty brands. They also have a huge selection from established companies.

You can find new brands like Space Case Cosmetics right alongside iconic brands like MAC. Ipsy carries brands like Tarte, Lady Gaga’s brand Haus, Milk Makeup, and Crabtree and Evelyn.

Final Thoughts

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate is a beauty subscription that gives you a significant discount on a wide selection of beauty products. What makes this subscription even better is that they send items that are suited to your skin type, color preferences, and more. You’ll be able to find a use for most, if not all, the products they send to you.

If you’re a casual beauty fan, this service might be overkill in comparison to your needs. Glam Bag Plus will be plenty of beauty for the average person. The Ultimate subscription tier is best for people who go through lots of products every month, or who want to try lots of new products every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I return an item to Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate?

Ipsy doesn’t allow returns for any of its bags. However, they offer replacements if you receive an item that’s damaged or if your shipment is missing an item, you can contact customer service. They’re happy to replace anything from your Glam Bag Ultimate.

Just make sure to contact them as soon as possible. The replacement policy only applies for 45 days from the package’s ship date.

When is the billing date for Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate?

Glam Bag Ultimate will charge your card at noon Pacific Time on the last day of each month. Your signup date doesn’t affect the billing date, so keep this in mind!

How do you cancel Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate?

To cancel your Ultimate subscription, go to the membership tag at the top of the screen. The Manage Membership page has a link at the bottom of the page to let you stop your subscription.

Before you cancel, Ipsy will ask if you want to pause your subscription for 1-3 months. At the bottom of the page, you can click through to continue with your cancellation.

Can I see what’s in my Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate order before it arrives?

Yes, you can! Ipsy emails you when your bag is ready to ship, and you can sign on to view everything that’s coming in your bag. On the 23rd of the month before your next shipment, Ipsy will let you choose one of the full-size items in your bag.

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