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What Is Look Fantastic Beauty Box?

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Beauty subscription boxes make it easy to treat yourself every month. With the right box, you can sample new products and build your beauty collection at the same time. Look Fantastic Beauty Box is a beauty subscription service based in the UK, and each box comes with 6 high-end product samples. The colorful packaging and information booklet make every box feel like a gift to yourself, and each one helps you keep up with new products in the beauty world.

Look Fantastic Beauty Box is a UK-based beauty subscription that specializes in luxury products from the UK and Europe. Each box contains 6 products with a total worth of at least $60. Boxes include both samples and full-size items. This is a great box if you’re an American craving novelty and new brands that you may not recognize. I recommend this box for beauty fans who want a reliable source of quality samples each month.

Look Fantastic Beauty Box Overview

Look Fantastic Beauty Box is a beauty subscription service that costs $19 a month with free shipping. You can expect 6 items each month. Most items are samples, but there’s usually at least one full-size item each month.

These boxes have a good balance of makeup, skincare, and hair care. Usually, you’ll get products in all three categories. Look Fantastic also often sends beauty tools and accessories like hair wraps, pillow spray, and makeup sponges. Face and lip masks come in these boxes fairly often, too. The items in each box are designed to give you an extra boost of luxury, making this the perfect pick-me-up.


  • International products
  • Box variations each month
  • Worth more than $60 per box

Look Fantastic is based in the UK and ships all over the world. They’re also relatively close to Europe, compared to US beauty boxes, so their boxes feature products from a variety of countries. My November box had items made in Italy, Spain, and France, in addition to the UK-made items.

There are variations in the products each month, so even if you happen to see spoilers, you won’t know for certain what will be arriving in your box. This box is great for anyone who wants to be surprised by their box contents each month.

Each box is filled with at least $60 worth of products and samples. The samples honestly seem small sometimes, and it’s because they’re from high-end brands with expensive products. This is a great way to try pricey items before you invest in them.


  • International shipping can be slow
  • No customization
  • Mostly sample sizes
  • Inconsistent quality

Look Fantastic sends boxes around the world, but all their boxes ship from the United Kingdom. International shipping often goes smoothly, but it can be a hassle to deal with when something goes wrong. During the pandemic, shipping has slowed down considerably, and that goes double for international packages.

Look Fantastic Beauty Box is curated by the company’s beauty experts. There are no personalization options available, unfortunately. There are a few product possibilities for each box you receive, but they’re chosen at random. Before you subscribe, try looking at past boxes to get an idea of whether this box will work for you.

Look Fantastic features mostly sample sizes, and sometimes there’s only enough product included for a few uses. Most boxes also include a full-size item or even two, but there’s no guarantee. Sometimes the full-size item is a beauty accessory like a headwrap. For only a few dollars more per month, there are subscription options that guarantee full-size items in every box.

Look Fantastic boxes vary a lot between months. Some months may have a very high value with tons of desirable products, and others might have a much lower value. There’s also a lot of substitution in these boxes. Even if something is listed in the box’s booklet, it may be replaced with a similar item.

How does Look Fantastic work?

Look Fantastic is a monthly beauty subscription service. Each box comes with 6 beauty products, including skincare, makeup, and hair products. They’ll also include the occasional accessory or beauty tool, like hair ties or tweezers.

All boxes come with an informational booklet with details about each product, including the different product variations you may not have received in your box. The booklets have articles on beauty trends, new products, and even interviews with people who work in beauty.

Most of the products in each box are samples, but there is usually at least one full-size item. Sometimes the full-size item will be a makeup brush, jade roller, or other accessory.

Look Fantastic is curated by the company’s beauty experts. They focus on British and European beauty companies, so their boxes often include brands that may be new to Americans. This is a good way to expand your beauty knowledge.

Each box is loosely based around an abstract theme like Radiance or Amour. This doesn’t really affect the products inside, but it does provide the color scheme for the packaging. Each box comes with a helpful booklet that goes into detail about all the products inside. These booklets even have information about new products or the brands featured in the box.

There are a few variations on each Look Fantastic box. There are usually two product options for each slot in the box, where one person gets a lipstick and another gets a nail polish. What you see in someone else’s box might be very different from your own box. The company seems to make substitutions pretty often, so you may get something that isn’t even listed in the product booklet.

How much does Look Fantastic cost?

Look Fantastic has several subscription options. You can sign up on a monthly basis for $19 each month, and that leaves you free to cancel at any time.

If you’re ready to commit to this box and you want to take advantage of a discount, you can sign up for a long subscription. It’s $18 per month for 3 months and $17 per month for 6 months. An annual subscription is $16 a month.

With these long-term subscription options, Look Fantastic will bill you each month instead of charging the entire cost up front. That makes this option budget-friendly. Look Fantastic will automatically renew your subscription after it ends, so you’ll have to manually cancel it to opt out.

How do you sign up for Look Fantastic?

It’s easy to sign up for Look Fantastic. When you first make an account, you’ll be asked to choose a monthly or annual plan. Once you sign up, the company will ask for your billing and shipping information.

After that, all you need to do is wait for your box to arrive! You can take a look at spoilers, but there are many box variations, so your box will probably still have some surprises.

What brands does Look Fantastic send?

Look Fantastic Beauty Box features product samples, so they try to introduce customers to as many new brands and products as possible. They’re based in the UK, so many of their brands are British, like ThisWorks and 3INA. They also carry brands like Naobay that are made in European countries like Spain, France and Italy.

Final Thoughts

Look Fantastic is a monthly beauty box that can introduce you to British and European beauty brands. At only $19, this is an affordable box. Each shipment includes 6 products, both samples and full-size items. The samples can be small, and sometimes that makes these boxes look a little sparse. Not every box includes a full-size product, which can be a letdown.

I recommend this box if you prefer beauty samples and like to try a variety of brands. There are other boxes at a similar price point that guarantee full-size items each month, though. Each box includes $60 in value or more, so there’s a lot to be gained from these boxes if you’re open-minded about trying beauty products!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I return an item to Look Fantastic?

Look Fantastic doesn’t offer returns on their boxes. Most subscription boxes don’t, because they’re curated as a whole, and some of the items can’t be sold individually.

If you have an issue with your box, like a missing or damaged item, you can contact customer service. Their customer service will probably request a photo, so you can save time by including one from the start. It may take them a while to get back to you and process a request for a return or refund.

How do you cancel Look Fantastic?

There’s an easy way to cancel your Look Fantastic subscription. Just log on to the website and go to your account section. There’s a section where you can view your subscription and click through to cancel it. There’s no need to call or email them to complete your cancellation.

If you had a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription, the rules for cancellation are a little different. You’ll need to go online and cancel your subscription by the 23rd of the last month of your subscription. Otherwise, your subscription will be renewed automatically.

Can I see what’s in my Look Fantastic order before it arrives?

Look Fantastic offers spoilers each month for a few items, but there are a few box variations each month, so there’s no guarantee you’ll get the example items. This is a great box if you want to be surprised each month!

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