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What is Stitch Fix?

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Even if you love fashion, shopping can get frustrating quickly. Virtual styling services put an end to hours spent looking for the perfect items to fill the gaps in your wardrobe. When you sign up for Stitch Fix, you can schedule boxes of clothing to be delivered to your home on a regular basis. For each Fix, a stylist selects clothes and accessories that are wearable and reflect your fashion sense. Whether you work in a formal office or spend most of your time looking after toddlers, Stitch Fix aims to make sure you look great while doing it.

Stitch Fix is a great option for people who want guidance on how to put outfits together and choose clothing that fits their needs. With a stylist’s help, you can build up a wardrobe that will take you wherever you need to go. You can ask for parent-friendly clothing, business attire, or going-out clothes, depending on what you need from each box.

Stitch Fix Overview

Stitch Fix is a style service that caters to men, women and even children. The company sends boxes of clothing catered to your style preferences, as determined by their survey. You can choose to get just one box, or schedule boxes as often as you’d like. If you keep your subscription, you can stick with one stylist and offer feedback to get boxes that are more likely to reflect your style. If you find that a stylist doesn’t mesh with your own sensibilities, you can switch to a new one.


  • Wide selection of brands and items
  • Fast shipping
  • 25% off if you decide to keep an entire box


  • No automatic previews of the items you’ll receive
  • Only 5 items per box
  • Only 3 days to decide on what to keep

How does Stitch Fix work?

To get started with Stitch Fix, you’ll need to take a fashion survey. You’ll be asked for your size, and then about personal preferences. The survey is pretty thorough, and includes questions on what colors you like wearing, your preferred jeans rise, and more. After you finish the survey, a Stitch Fix stylist will get started putting a box together for you. This will take about a week, but can vary depending on how busy things are at Stitch Fix.

Once you receive your Fix in the mail, you get three days to try the clothes on and make your decisions. The box comes with a prepaid shipping envelope, and you can put anything you don’t want to buy into the bag and drop it off at the post office. If you decide to keep everything in your box, you get a 25% discount on each item.

How much does Stitch Fix cost?

Stitch Fix charges a $20 styling fee as its base cost. If you choose to buy any clothes from the box they send you, you can put that $20 toward your balance. If the box doesn’t include anything you want, though, you still get charged that $20.

How do you sign up for Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix requires you to create an account and then fill out a survey on your size, style, and lifestyle. The survey asks questions about your color preferences, fit preferences, and body type, in addition to just sizing. After you fill out the survey, your stylist will begin working on your box, which normally takes about a week, though timing can differ. When you sign up, you can choose how often you want to get Fixes in the mail. You can get an automatic Fix as often as every 2-3 weeks, or as infrequently as every 3 months.

How much are the clothes on Stitch Fix?

When you first sign up for Stitch Fix, you can choose what range you’re willing to spend on different items of clothing. Your stylist will keep prices in this range as much as possible.

Most clothing items seem to start out around $40, but according to Stitch Fix prices range from $20 to $500. If you get a box full of items you love and decide to keep all of them, Stitch Fix applies a 25% discount to your purchase. That’s one reason to be as precise as possible when you fill out the survey!

Are Stitch Fix clothes good quality?

Stitch Fix style boxes include clothing from a variety of brands, including some Stitch Fix exclusives. The company curates its offerings to ensure there’s a selection of items that are generally well-made. Like any company, there will be some pieces that are better made than others. Stitch Fix doesn’t focus on finding the cheapest items possible, but rather the best options that will fit into your budget.

Does Stitch Fix use real stylists?

Stitch Fix uses real people to help find outfits that fit your needs and reflect your style. The website doesn’t rely on an algorithm to put together boxes for customers, which I think adds a great, human touch to the selections you receive.

Stitch Fix has a series of stylist profiles on its website, and most have experience in the fashion industry. Many have gone to fashion school or had other jobs as stylists. The company hires people who are truly passionate and knowledgeable about fashion to style people who want expert advice.

Final Thoughts

If you’re not sure where to start with your style, using Stitch Fix is a great way to experiment and try out clothes you might not have chosen for yourself. If your wardrobe is looking thin, this service can help fill it out with useful, wearable pieces. Style guidance is especially helpful during a transitional phase when you need to adapt to a lifestyle change. If you’re not sure how exactly to shop for a business casual dress code, or what to wear to a beachside wedding, Stitch Fix can help.

The stylists aim to dress you for the kind of activities you do every day, so the survey includes questions on what kind of clothing you wear most often. Whether you’re looking for something budget-friendly or want to splash out on investment pieces, your stylist can help. If you’re looking to enhance your wardrobe, expand your sartorial horizons, or develop your sense of style, give Stitch Fix a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cancel Stitch Fix?

If you want to stop automatically receiving boxes on a schedule, you go to your account’s setting pages and make that change. This link takes you to a page that lets you adjust how often you receive a Fix in the mail, and you can stop receiving boxes entirely.

This setting doesn’t deactivate your account, and if you ever want to go back and order another box, that option is available. This feature on Stitch Fix is pretty user-friendly, so you can be certain that you have control over when you receive Fixes.

Does Stitch Fix send used clothes?

Stitch Fix always sends brand new clothes. You are allowed to try clothes on, but users are charged for anything that looks like it has been worn or has tags removed.

Can I see what’s in my Stitch Fix before it arrives?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to view your Stitch Fix box before it’s shipped. After it’s shipped, though, you can take a look at the pieces your stylist has picked out for you. You can click on the “Manage Your Fix” button to track the package.

Beneath the “Track Your Fix” button, there’s the checkout button. When you click on “Check Out,” you can see a display of all the items that will be in your box. I think it would be great if they let you remove items from your box like other services, but they probably leave that option off so they can send packages out right away.

What happens if you don’t return your Stitch Fix?

The cost of your Stitch Fix box is determined by how many pieces of clothing you decide to keep. If you hold onto your box, you’ll be charged for all the clothes that were sent. Keep only the pieces you want to buy, and send the rest back with their free shipping.

You get three days to decide what to keep, and after that you have to send back the items you don’t want to buy. That isn’t a lot of time, but on the checkout page you have the option to extend your return date. If you’re in the middle of a busy week, that option can come in handy.

Who are Stitch Fix’s competitors?

Subscription clothing boxes have become more popular in recent years, so Stitch Fix has plenty of competition with services like Trunk Club, Frank and Oak, and Modabox. These companies all send customized boxes of clothing, but each one focuses on different styles and price points. Stitch Fix’s selections are more budget-friendly than the others, and include a lot of youthful styles.

How do I return an item to Stitch Fix?

Each Fix box includes a shipping label and a bag for you to use when you send items back. Return shipping is free, and you can drop off your package at any USPS mailbox or post office.

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