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What is The Ms. Collection? Personal Styling and Rentals

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*The Ms. Collection is no longer available. We recommend trying Stitch Fix if you are looking for something similar.

If shopping for clothes is usually a slow, frustrating process for you, why not get help from a stylist? The Ms. Collection is a rental service that curates boxes of clothes for you each month. Rental clothes give you the chance to learn what looks best on your body, what you like to wear the most, and even what brands are best for you. You can create brand new looks each month without cluttering up your closet or wasting tons of money. This service is designed for anyone looking for an easy, temporary way to revamp their wardrobe.

The Ms. Collection is a styling and rental service in one, assembled by stylists without the help of algorithms. This box is perfect for those who want style guidance and are ready to try new things without necessarily committing to them. There’s a range of subscription plans from

The Ms. Collection Overview

The Ms. Collection is a women’s styling and rental service designed to save you time and energy. There’s also a men’s equivalent called the Mr. Collection. Shopping for clothes and trying to find the perfect items can be frustrating, so The Ms. Collection has real stylists make the clothing selections for you. Renting clothes gives you the opportunity to try new styles, but you can always return them if they don’t work out for you. If something does work with your lifestyle and the rest of your wardrobe, you can buy it for a significant discount.


  • Curated by real stylists
  • Variety of subscription options
  • Discounted items for purchase

Ms. Collection doesn’t use algorithms to put together packs for subscribers. Instead, they use real, human stylists who refer to your style profile when creating your pack. In my experience, there’s no replacement for a human set of eyes on your subscription box. You can expect better styling results from this company because of their stylists. Each box also comes with a note from your stylist explaining how each item fits into your lifestyle, along with some styling advice.

There are a total of 4 subscription plans available, and you can pick the one that fits your needs best. You can get standard shipments, which contain 3 items, or premium ones, which contain 4. After you choose the number of items you want, you can choose one shipment a month or unlimited shipments.

If you end up loving anything from your pack, The Ms. Collection will let you buy it for a discount up to 50% off. If you’re still trying to fill out your wardrobe, this is a great way to get deals as you do so.


  • Mostly mid-range clothing options
  • Seemingly limited selection

The Ms. Collection carries plenty of mid-range clothing brands, but if you’re looking for high quality materials or investment pieces, you’re not likely to find much.

As I browsed reviews and posts about The Ms. Collection, I noticed a few items showing up over and over again. There’s one shirt in particular that has appeared in multiple promotional images from the company and multiple reviews. It’s a striped crossover top, and it makes me worry that the company tends to only keep a few clothing options in rotation.

How does The Ms. Collection work?

When you sign up for The Ms. Collection, you’ll need to fill out a style survey to let your stylist know the basics of your fashion goals, lifestyle, sizing, and fit preferences. This company uses real stylists to create your boxes, not algorithms, so the comment feature is especially helpful here. If there’s any ground not covered by the survey, feel free to mention it here. You can let them know if you hate a certain pattern or type of shirt, and if you have a specific goal in mind for this month’s pack. If you want a cute dress for Christmas photo opportunities, for example, you can mention that here.

To get even better styling results, look through their items and add your favorites to your wishlist. You won’t necessarily get every item on your wishlist, but your stylists will get a better idea of what you want from your clothing packs. You can also send them links to a Pinterest board that shows off your style.

Once you’ve signed up and shared information with your stylist, you can expect your box to ship in a few days, allowing time for styling. Items arrive in a recyclable cardboard box. When you’re done with your rentals, just send them back in the included prepaid shipping envelope.

If you’ve signed up for an unlimited plan, you can send items back as frequently as you want. The Ms. Collection will start styling your next pack as soon as the company receives your returns.

How much does The Ms. Collection cost?

The Ms. Collection offers four subscription plans ranging from $59 to $89.

First, there’s the Standard Plan, which includes 3 items a month. It’s $59 for one standard shipment a month, and $79 for unlimited boxes.

The Premium Plan includes 4 items a month. It’s $69 for one box of 4 items, and it’s $89 for unlimited boxes each month.

All subscription plans include discounts up to 50% off on any items you want to buy.

How do you sign up for The Ms. Collection?

It’s easy to sign up for The Ms. Collection. You fill out your basic information, email address, and fill out a detailed style quiz. Your quiz is your chance to show your stylist what you love to wear, and at the end you can add a Pinterest board and comment for even more information.

After you sign up and give them your billing information, you’ll wait a few days for your stylist to put a box together for you and send it out.

The company also frames renting as a sustainable way to enjoy a larger variety of clothes. Instead of buying lots of cheap fast fashion pieces, you can rent items and then send them back. The option to buy them is there, but buying isn’t an essential part of the user experience. Renting clothes is one way to keep your closet streamlined and save money without giving up on fashion trends.

What brands does The Ms. Collection send?

The Ms. Collection mostly offers mid-range brands, and they include some subscription box favorites. Their brand list includes Sanctuary, Vince Camuto, Maggy London, and Bobeau. All of these are known for having decent quality items and modern, wearable styles.

They have lots of accessories available, from jewelry to belts, sunglasses, and small bags.

The exact brands you receive depends on your stylist. Most rental services let you make your own selections, so the styling aspect of TMC is unusual. It’s a benefit if you’d rather let an expert curate your clothing than browse through a huge selection yourself. Other rental services tend to involve a lot of time spent looking for items to add to your wishlist, but the wishlist is an optional feature here.

The service currently has a somewhat limited size range, from size 2 to 14.

Final Thoughts

The combination of styling and rental clothing here makes The Ms. Collection an excellent way to experiment with style. You’re able to try out new styles picked out by someone else, but you don’t have to keep the clothes after you wear them.

The Ms. Collection carries plenty of casual items that are trendy but not too flashy. If you’re looking for clothes that you can wear for work, nights out, and even casual errands, TMC will work for you. My main complaint is that their selection seems kind of small, and they tend to carry more basic pieces rather than the statement items you might want from a rental service.

If you want access to bolder styles, I’d recommend Haverdash as a slightly cheaper option that also includes unlimited shipments. Their clothes seem targeted at a younger user base, but anyone who wants to try fun outfits can sign up!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cancel The Ms. Collection?

It takes a few days to cancel a subscription to The Ms. Collection, so make sure to plan accordingly! There’s no online cancellation button, and instead you’ll have to email their support team at least three days before your subscription renewal date.

You also need to return your rentals at least three days before your billing date, or else they may end up charging your card for another month.

What are the most popular The Ms. Collection alternatives?

The Ms. Collection is a mid-range clothing rental service. These are some options at similar price points and with similar stock.

Haverdash is an unlimited rental service that costs $59 a month. Each box contains 3 items, which are chosen from your wishlist based on their availability. This rental service specializes in fun, unique items that you might not wear on a regular basis. Their selection tends to be quirky and bold, with items from Modcloth and BB Dakota.

Gwynnie Bee is a rental service with a wide range of sizes, from 0 to 32. They carry lots of brands and styles, so subscribers have a huge variety to choose from. You can look at their new arrivals to get a sense of the items they carry, and on just that page you’ll see embroidered dresses, jeans, work-ready shirts, and fuzzy neon sweaters.

Le Tote is a rental service that offers some of the same brands as TMC, along with designer brands. Plans start at $79 a month, and the service offers steep discounts on any items you purchase from them. They have an extensive maternity selection, so this service is great for pregnant women.

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