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What Is Trendsend? Skip the Algorithms and Get Styled by a Human

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Most online styling services rely heavily on algorithms before ever involving a stylist, but not Trendsend. This service has stylists curate boxes for customers from the stock in one of the Evereve stores. If you’ve found other services to be lacking a personal touch, Trendsend might be a better option for you. The company features plenty of current, popular brands, and the styles they offer are trendy and fun. They take pride in offering comfortable clothes suitable for busy moms, but the styles are fresh enough for any woman who wants to try new clothes.

Trendsend’s personal styling reflects a lot of care and attention in each box. If you’re looking for a way to easily find clothes that fit your needs and fashion sense, this service can definitely get you on the right path. Each box includes 6 items of trendy clothes that fit into your style as you describe it in your portfolio. If you have the budget to spend $70 and up on each item, this service could introduce you to some exciting new pieces.

Trendsend Overview

Trendsend’s advantages include great styling, trendy options, and clothes that go well together. Boxes are curated as complete outfits, not just a random selection of clothes. Their selection all comes from Evereve stores, and Evereve markets itself as a store for moms who still like to wear fun, trendy clothes.

Each box has six items of clothing, and your stylist will also send along some notes on how these items fit your wardrobe goals. The clothes are all sent with the intention of being combined in 2-3 outfits, and you can definitely mix and match the items you’re sent.

The service does have some drawbacks, including the high prices and the small selection. I’ll discuss the pros and cons in more detail below.


  • Styling feels very personalized and has a human touch
  • Each box includes 2-3 outfits
  • Get helpful notes from your stylist

Many styling services rely heavily on algorithms to speed up the process, and it shows. Even the best algorithms can misinterpret human intentions. Trendsend’s stylists put together boxes that make sense and actually reflect outfits you might wear in real life. I liked a blazer on the website, so my stylist sent me their most recent version of it.

Each outfit is packed together in tissue paper. When you’re ready to try things on, all the items are paired together already. Wearing the clothes as outfits instead of individually is helpful as you try to picture wearing them out of the house.

Your Trendsend box comes with some notes and advice from your stylist. My stylist specifically mentioned the notes I left on my style profile, and even mentioned some of the items that I favorited. Her specific notes on how to wear each item convinced me to give everything a chance, even the items I couldn’t imagine myself ever wearing.


  • Higher price range
  • Smaller selection
  • Styling isn’t very fast

Trendsend’s price range tends to be $60 upwards, with more expensive items at around $200. The cheapest item in my box was a $62 t-shirt, to give an example. You’ll definitely want to make sure their clothes fit into your budget before you sign up for Trendsend.

Since Trendsend uses the stock at just one store to fill your box, there’s definitely a smaller selection for your stylist to choose from. Before you try this box, you should check out the Evereve website and see if you like the brands they carry.

Trendsend took just under a week to finish styling me. Other styling services I’ve tried have been faster, but I can forgive the longer wait time because this service is less dependent on algorithms.

How does Trendsend work?

Evereve has stylists at each store. When you sign up, you can choose a specific store, or let the company choose for you. Your stylist will put together outfits for you from stock they have at the store.

That’s why the items they send reflect your style notes and personal preferences so well. Other companies might use algorithms to speed things along, especially if they have a huge stock to work with, but Trendsend’s personal approach makes a huge difference. Trendsend also asks that you send a full-length photo of yourself before you try the service. This gives them an idea of your hair and skin color, as well as a better look at your body type.

When you’ve decided what to keep and what to return, make sure to check out online. That way, Trendsend knows what to expect back in the mail and what to charge you for. If you don’t check out online, they’ll charge you for everything in your box.

How much does Trendsend cost?

When you sign up for Trendsend, you need to count on spending at least $20 for their styling fee. That $20 gets credited toward any purchase you make, though, and they often have sales or discounts for first-time users.

Trendsend gets all the clothes for their boxes from Evereve, a clothing store that specializes in higher-end brands. The company says the average cost of their clothing is $70 per item.

I also decided to average out the cost of the clothes in the box they sent me. The result came out to $112.33 per item. The cheapest item was a $62 t-shirt, and the most expensive was a $195 pair of jeans. You can expect to spend at least $60 if you keep anything from this box, and more likely around $100 for one item.

How do you sign up for Trendsend?

You’ll need to give them your email address, credit card information, and shipping address to create an account. The signup process includes a short style survey that shows you pictures of different outfits and asks you to give them either a thumbs up or thumbs down. Even though this style survey is pretty minimalist compared to other surveys, it obviously works for them. It helps their stylists get a sense of what you’re looking for in your outfits, not just what clothing pieces you like.

After you’ve created your style profile, your stylist will get to work on curating a box of 6 items for you. Your box should ship around a week after you create your style profile.

What brands does Trendsend send?

Trendsend avoids cheap, fast fashion brands and instead sends mid-range and higher-end brands. They carry sizes 0-14, but don’t offer plus sizes. Trendsend doesn’t offer accessories or shoes, either: they stick to clothes like jackets, dresses, pants and more.

Their clothes are sourced from Evereve, and you can see the complete brand list here. You’ll notice a trend of decent-quality brands, and many of them have a bohemian feel. You can also find styles like rock ’n’ roll chic, feminine glam, and comfortable, professional work attire.

Expect to find quality brands like Sanctuary, 7 for All Mankind, Blank NYC, and Hudson Jeans. These brands are mostly respected and viewed as quality pieces you can depend on.

Final Thoughts

Trendsend will match you with a personal stylist who pays attention to what you have to say. If you’re really looking to develop your style and find new clothes, this may be the styling service for you.

Trendsend uses human stylists at their various store locations. Their stylists do a great job of interpreting what you’ll like based on your answers to the surveys and the notes you leave for them. There’s something about having a person fill your box without any algorithmic interference that makes a big difference.

However, their prices tend to be a little high, without too many opportunities for discounts. If you buy 4 or more items, you can take 10% off your purchase. Their prices seem to be around $60-$80 on average, and outerwear is more expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I return an item to Trendsend?

Each Trendsend box comes with a prepaid shipping envelope, to make returns easy. They use USPS for shipping, so you can either drop your bag off at the post office or schedule a package pickup from your home.

Before you send your returns, make sure to check out online to avoid getting charged for the items you plan to return. That lets the company know what to expect in your return bag.

How do you cancel Trendsend?

You can cancel a Trendsend subscription on your Member Dashboard. The dashboard is pretty minimal, so you can easily find the subscription management section.

You can also sign up for a single Trendsend box without signing on for a full-on membership. This option is great if you’re just trying the service out and you don’t want to worry about remembering when to cancel your subscription.

Can I see what’s in my Trendsend order before it arrives?

After your Trendsend box is shipped, you can log in to your account and check what’s in your shipment on your Member Dashboard.

Who are Trendsend’s competitors?

Trunk Club is similar to Trendsend, with some overlap in brands available. TC also has great stylists. However, Trunk Club often has sales and discounts available. Their items range from $40 to $300, and you can find items at all price points.

Frank and Oak is another subscription service at a similar price point. Frank and Oak is a sustainable brand that offers a Style Plan subscription that focuses on basics and minimalist style.

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