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Is the Yogaclub Subscription Box Worth It?

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If you’re a yogi, or you just really like sporting athleisure wear, you may want to check out the Yogaclub subscription box. Yogaclub is a leading activewear subscription company specializing in athletic clothing. You can shop the Yogaclub website without a subscription, or you can snag some great outfits for a steal of a deal by signing up for one of their 3 subscription options delivered to you at the frequency you choose. As someone who lives in workout clothes, this is something I was totally interested in for variety’s sake.

I ended up ordering Yogaclub’s Guru box which comes with a 3-piece outfit (top, leggings and sports bra) and it cost me $84.73 (including tax). You can choose the outfit that comes in your box, OR can choose to have the Yogaclub stylist pick one out for you based on your style quiz answers. I opted for the stylist option so that I could give their subscription box the ultimate objective review. Overall I was happy with what I was sent, and I especially love the sports bra top combo. If you want to try new workout curated workout outfits, I would definitely recommend this service to you.

What We Like About Yogaclub

The outfits on Yogaclub are very cute and I was so tempted by all of them! I love how I could choose to have a personal stylist pick my outfit out for me based on the style quiz I completed. I really liked how quickly my box came, and the quality of the outfit is great!

You’re able to choose which subscription type you’d like: Mantra, Karma or Guru. The Mantra subscription ($49) comes with only a pair of leggings, the Karma ($69) comes with leggings and a top or bra, and the Guru ($79) comes with all three! You’re also able to decide the frequency in which you’d like a box- monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.

What We Don’t Like About Yogaclub

Ok, for all the positives of this box, there were a few things that I wasn’t too crazy about. The first is that in my style quiz I indicated that I would like to keep my back and my midsection more covered as a preference.

The tank I was sent, although cute, I would say really toed the line with its deep back. I like it alright, but definitely would’ve felt more comfortable with something higher-backed. Also, I’m all about my high-impact bras, and I indicated this in my style quiz. The bra I received was a medium impact, and to me feels more like a low-impact bra. Super cute though!

The pants were insanely tight, which upon researching, it seems like they’re meant to be that way and if you didn’t want them as tight you’d order a size up. I didn’t have this option because my personal stylist picked them out for me. If I had chosen them I would’ve sized medium instead of small. I did research to see if I could return them, but I would’ve had to pay for shipping which I didn’t feel was worth it. Free shipping would be nice.

Lastly, I was researching the tank top I got for this article, and I discovered that they sent me an item that was already on CLEARANCE and that I could’ve purchased at a reduced price of $20 without a subscription! This rubbed me the wrong way considering what I paid for the guru box, and I didn’t even get a complete set from the Spring 2022 collection.

Like, that feels so wrong right? Super not impressed by that.

What Came In The Yogaclub Guru Subscription?

Susan Tank Top in color Dark Wine

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Ok, let me start off with the good. This is a really cute tank top in a beautiful red wine color. The back is stunning and I honestly liked it better than I thought I would. I especially liked it with the sports bra they sent me, but I’m just really not impressed that Yogaclub sent me this when it’s not even a part of their new collection. Plus it’s listed as a clearance item on their website for the price of $20!That feels really off to me.

Good Feels Ribbed Bra

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Ok, I actually really like this bra. It’s a medium impact ribbed bra and is SUPER cute! I usually opt for high impact bras, and would say this one fits more like a low-impact. But it’s super comfy and unique and I really enjoy wearing it for low impact exercises that I’m doing. It’s thick and the quality is great!

Good Feels Ribbed Seamless Leggings

word image 1877 3

I have a love/hate relationship with these leggings. When I first opened them they reminded me of a Beetlejuice type outfit so I was hesitant to like them at first. But once I tried them on I actually really liked them and especially when paired with the matching sports bra. I will say, they are TIGHT though. I had a really hard time getting the smalls on which is what I normally wear. On the website it notes the tightness and recommends sizing up one for a looser fit. I got a size small and wish I would’ve gotten a medium in these.

Final Thoughts

I honestly really liked the quality and style of the items I received. I felt like they would hold up nicely, they fit well and they would definitely be in my workout wear rotation. I was really unimpressed that I was sent a clearance item that isn’t from their current season as part of my Guru subscription with Yogaclub. I also thought the leggings were insanely tight and would recommend picking out your own outfits and sizing based on reviews versus having the personal stylist pick something out for you. Also, if you need to exchange a size on something, be aware that you will need to pay for shipping or exchange with another Yogaclub member. On the upside, my box came in a timely manner which I was surprised about! Overall, I quite liked what was in my subscription box, but was underwhelmed with the outfit that was chosen in comparison to my style quiz answers and the amount I paid. I’m also never a fan of having to pay shipping for exchanges and returns. In my opinion, this box is NOT worth it.

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