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YogaClub vs Ellie: Which One is Right for You?

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Whether you’re into yoga specifically or like to change up your workouts each week, you probably want to look cute while killing your fitness goals. Right? If you’re not wanting to spend an arm and a leg at Lululemon or even go shopping for those leggings, I’ve got the solution for you: workout clothing subscription boxes! Today we’ll be comparing two workout clothing subscription boxes: YogaClub vs Ellie.

The difference between Yoga Club and Ellie is that with Yoga Club you have a personal stylist assigned to you to curate your outfits. No decision fatigue here! At Ellie you can completely customize the workout outfit coming your way, and even have more subscription options to choose from.

They’re both great services, let’s see which one is right for you!

How Do They Work


YogaClub is a monthly yoga clothing subscription box for women. With this subscription you’ll get trendy yoga outfits from top yoga brands for an insane deal, and you’ll work with a personal stylist to get yoga outfits that are spot on for your personality and body type. You can shop the site without a subscription for individual pieces of clothing not at a discounted price, or you can subscribe to YogaClub and get a 3-piece yoga outfit at a discounted MSRP price.

Getting started with a YogaClub subscription is simple. When you go to their website they’ll prompt you to take a style quiz (you get to rate outfits you like and don’t like- it’s fun!). Once the quiz is finished, a personal stylist will take your answers and curate your very own outfit that they think you’ll love! Then just sit back, and wait for your outfit to come directly to your home.

YogaClub used to have more subscription options, but have paired down to just one: the Guru box. This subscription can be altered in the frequency of shipments, so you can receive a 3-piece outfit once a month, or every 3 months. Cancellations are simple, but if you don’t want to quit the whole subscription, and just need a break, you can easily skip-a-month as well.


Ellie is a monthly fitness clothing subscription box for women. They provide their subscribers with trendy workout clothing that is good quality, great for a variety of types of workouts, and very budget friendly. You can choose from pre-curated outfits, or curate your own through their mix n match subscription option.

Getting started with an Ellie subscription is easy! You can simply shop their pre-curated outfits on their website (this is usually a 3-item subscription, and is the easiest way to join). You could also start a “Mix and Match” subscription for 2 items, 3 items or 5 items in your monthly box. This subscription is completely customizable to what you want and what fits in your budget every month.

Here’s a more clear look into their subscription options, the prices of each and what you would get in your monthly box:

  2 ITEMS Mix and Match 3 ITEMS Mix and Match 5 ITEMS Mix and Match * 3 ITEMS Pre-curated
Price $44.95 $49.95 $59.95 $49.95
# of Products Top, bottoms Top, bottoms, sports bra Top, bottoms, sports bra, 2 accessories Pre-curated 3 piece outfit.

Your subscription will auto-renew every month so don’t forget if you’d like to skip a month or cancel. Both are simple things that you can do in your online account.


Depending on your preferences, both of these boxes have some pros and cons. We think the Ellie subscription has improved leaps and bounds with recent changes. YogaClub could be a bit better.


YogaClub is a great subscription box if you’re interested in Yoga specifically. They’ve fine tuned their subscription, and it seems a lot more simple to understand now.

Pros Cons
Affordable yoga outfits. Very target specific: women and yoga outfits.
Work with a personal stylist. Sizing on some of the items can be very tight.
Easy exchanges if you don’t like something that comes. You can’t choose the items you want.
Work with quality brands such as Manduka. It can take time for your personal stylist and you to get into a groove.
Free shipping & no styling fee.  
More size inclusive. XS to 2X. 


Ellie has really improved their service over the past year. We are liking even more about this fitness clothing subscription now!

Pros Cons
This is a very customizable subscription for your budget and your workout style. Only caters to women.
High-quality workout clothing for a great price! Not very size-inclusive. XS to XXL
Easily skip a month, or cancel your subscription in your account portal.  
Free shipping, exchanges and returns.  
Purchase single items as well as pre-curated outfits. (this is new!)  

How Much Do They Cost

Both of these subscriptions cost a fraction of the price of one piece of clothing at many athletic retailers. That’s a good deal!


YogaClub only has one subscription option: The Guru. For $79 per box, you’ll receive a 3-piece yoga outfit curated for you by your personal stylist. These outfits are usually worth about $200 and you can save about half (or more!) off of MSRP.


Because Ellie has multiple subscription options for you to choose from, your cost could range from $44.99 a month to $59.95 a month. Be sure to check the chart above to see which subscription option works the best in your budget!

***Don’t forget! Your subscription will automatically renew every month, but you do have the option to skip-a-month if you need to.

What do you get in the boxes?

Both of these subscriptions send you quality workout clothing at an affordable price.


In each box you’ll get a 3-piece yoga outfit hand picked for you by your personal stylist. YogaClub works with well-known yoga brands such as Manduka and Teeki. Each box has an outfit that retails around $200, and you just snagged that baby for half the price!

Sizing at Yoga Club is XS – 2X.


Depending on the subscription type you sign up for, you’ll get 2-5 items of workout clothing and accessories in your box each month. You choose what comes, so there won’t be any surprises. As for accessories, you’re looking at items such as: bands, foot rollers, toe spacers, etc! I actually have the toe spacers from my initial review, and really like them!

Ellie is not very size-inclusive, only going from XS – XXL.

Final Thoughts

YogaClub is a great service for those yogis who hit the studio often. They can get a closet full of cute and trendy yoga clothes for a great price! We also love that you can work with a personal stylist so that your outfit is not the same as Jane-next-door’s outfit. And they’re size inclusive which is great!

Ellie is definitely the more well-rounded workout clothing subscription box. You have more options on subscription types, what clothing pieces you want coming your way, and the various activities that you may be using the outfit for (running vs yoga). We also love their pre-curated outfits. They’re so trendy and cute!

Based on all the comparisons to these two fitness subscription boxes we’ve made, Ellie is our favorite. Here’s why. There’s more freedom in this box, whether it be the subscription type you want, or the customization on the outfits you choose. The Ellie subscription box is a better price, for $49.95 you get a 3 piece outfit compared to YogaClubs $79. To us, it’s the better workout clothing subscription box if you want to look super cute while hitting those fitness goals.

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