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YogaClub vs Wantable Active Edit: Which is worth trying?

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A new workout outfit can do WONDERS when building up our confidence to achieve our fitness goals. Plus who doesn’t want a cute new workout outfit every once in a while? But there are so many different workout clothing subscription boxes to try! It can be really overwhelming and confusing to decide which one is worth your time and money, because let’s be real…some of them are definitely duds. We wanted to compare two workout clothing subscription boxes to see which one is worth trying. YogaClub vs Wantable Active Edit. Let’s go!

The difference between YogaClub and Wantable Active Edit is that Wantable Active has a styling fee that can be credited toward anything you purchase. The subscription part of this workout clothing box is the frequency in which you would like to receive your boxes. YogaClub, on the other hand, is a monthly subscription service, and they’ll send you a box monthly.

How Do They Work?

Both of these clothing subscription boxes work differently. Which do you think is right for you?


YogaClub is a monthly workout clothing subscription box for women who are especially interested in Yoga. With this subscription you’ll receive cute yoga outfits every month for a great price. YogaClub works with top yoga brands, and you’ll be working with a personal stylist to nail those outfits for your flow.

You don’t need a subscription to YogaClub to shop on their site. But if you’d like to receive an insane deal on a 3-piece outfit, then we recommend subscribing. They only have one subscription option to choose: The Guru box. You can, however, vary the frequency in which you’d like to receive your yoga outfits (every month up to every quarter). Skipping a month and cancellation of your subscription are also super simple to do.

If you want to get started with YogaClub, you’ll first take a style quiz that your personal stylist will use to curate your outfits. So be specific! After the quiz is complete, and the subscription is started, your very own personal stylist will curate a yoga outfit they think you’ll love. Then all you have to do is wait for it to arrive on your doorstep and wear it to your next flow session.

Wantable Active Edit

Wantable is a clothing subscription service that has different “edits” depending on what you would like to work on within your wardrobe. Their Active Edit is great, and focuses on sending you only workout clothing to help fuel your fitness goals, and even athleisure wear if that’s more your thing.

For a $20 styling fee, you’ll get to work with a personal stylist who will curate a box of 7 items they think you’ll love. These items will be based on your style quiz, activity types and budget. When you receive your box, you’ll have 5 days to try on the clothing items, and decide what you want to keep. Anything you don’t want to keep can be returned for free. The best part? Your $20 styling fee gets credited toward anything you decide to keep!

To help your personal stylist nail your boxes on the head, you can head to “The Stream” on Wantable’s website to rate different outfits, and even request certain items. You can also pause or cancel your subscription easily in your account.


Both of these boxes are flush with pros! You may need to look at the cons to decide which one you want to move forward with.


YogaClub has fine-tuned their subscription service over the past year, and it seems more simple to understand now. There are some great pros here!

Pros Cons
Get affordable yoga outfits delivered to you however often you’d likeThey only offer workout clothing specifically designed for yoga.
Work directly with your own personal stylist.Sizing on some of the different brands of clothing can be different.
Easy exchanges if you don’t like something that comes. You don’t get to choose what you want to receive. Hopefully you like what your stylist sends you!
Free shipping & no styling fee.  

Size inclusive. XS to 2X.


Wantable Active Edit

Wantable is a great workout clothing subscription box, with many pros and few cons.

Pros Cons
Your $20 styling fee gets credited toward anything you purchase. If you don’t keep anything, then you lose your $20 styling fee.
Work directly with a personal stylist to get you the clothing that you prefer based on size, budget, color preferences, etc. It may take a few boxes for you and your stylist to get into a groove.
Free shipping, returns/ exchanges.  
Size inclusive. (XS – 3X)  
Extend your try-on period if 5 days isn’t enough for you.  

How Much Do They Cost?

Both are reasonably priced, but Wantable Active is a bit more budget-friendly because it depends on what you decide to purchase and keep.


The Guru subscription (YogaClub’s only one) is $79 per box. For $79, you’ll get a 3-piece yoga outfit that was picked out just for you by your personal stylist. These outfits average about $200 MSRP, so you save a lot of money getting it through YogaClub vs the brand itself.

Wantable Active Edit

All you need to do to receive a Wantable Active Edit box is pay the $20 styling fee. Then, if you keep anything from the box, the $20 will be credited toward that purchase. So really, the cost of your Wantable Active box depends on what you decide to purchase and keep! If you keep 5+ items that came in your box, you’ll get a 20% discount on your total.

You can set a budget that you’d prefer to stick with in your style profile, but the clothing typically falls within the $40-$70 range.

What do you get in the boxes?

Both brands are very size inclusive. Wantable sends you 7 pieces of clothing to try, and YogaClub sends you a 3-piece outfit.


In your YogaClub box, you’ll get a 3-piece yoga outfit that was curated just for you by your personal stylist. Sizing at YogaClub is XS-2X, and they work with many of the top yoga clothing brands, such as Manduka and Teeki.

Wantable Active Edit

In your Wantable Active Edit box you’ll get 7 workout/ athleisure clothing items that were hand picked for you by your personal stylist. Sizing at Wantable is very inclusive, ranging from XS – 3X. The brands can be varied as they are sourced both inside and outside of the US.

Final Thoughts

When hitting a sweat sesh, a new workout outfit can be a great way to keep your motivation levels high. Workout clothing subscription boxes are an easy budget/time friendly way to do so, but there are so many options to choose from! Which is worth it, and which is a dud? Both of these workout clothing subscription boxes are great options, but one is more worth trying to us…

Personally, we like Wantable’s Active Edit better. They send you more of a variety of workout and athleisure clothing vs just being specified on one type (like yoga). We also love that it’s more budget friendly, and a lot of what you spend depends on you! Overall, Wantable Active is the workout clothing subscription box that’s worth trying.

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